Parents Guide to Enrollment | Butler Community College

Parents Guide to Enrollment

Butler is a great place for qualified high school students to get a jump on their college education. Here are the steps your student will take to get enrolled at a Butler student. Encourage your student to complete these steps themselves, offering support when needed.

NOTE: Students must be classified as a sophomore, junior, or senior according to the standards established at their high school. (Freshmen classified as gifted can also be qualified with the submission of an Individual Education Plan to the Registrar’s Office.) Please review the eligibility requirements for a complete list of requirements. Your student, their high school counselor, and a Butler representative will work together to qualify your student for college course work through ACT scores, GPA, and/or placement testing.


Step 1: Apply for Admission

Step 2: Complete the High school/Home School Release form

Step 3: Enroll

Step 4: Payment

Step 5: Textbooks

Step 6: Canvas