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High School Cost & Textbook Information

Tuition & Fees

High school students have class options that are available at a reduced cost. The General Education Tuition Waiver provides 5 general education classes at $0 tuition! Students are responsible for the fees, textbooks, and other course required materials. You don’t need to do anything to apply the waiver, just enroll for fall or spring in the classes as a Kansas resident, and the discount will be applied at the time of enrollment. Learn more about our Tuition Waivers on our website. 

Excel in CTE is a State of Kansas program that waives tuition and reduces fees for career and technical education classes. Excel in CTE classes can be found on our Course Schedule by selecting "SB 155/KS CTE Initiative" from the schedule type drop down menu. 

Classes that are not on the waiver lists will follow our standard tuition and fee rates. Our current tuition and fee rates are published on our website. 


Textbooks are an important part of a student's college education but can be expensive. In fact, textbook prices have gone up 800% since 1978.  Butler's recommendation for a full-time student (12+ credit hours) is to budget $600 for textbooks.  Understanding that this expense can be a barrier for students, Butler is dedicated to reducing textbook costs for students. 

One way we do this is through our OER (Open Educational Resources). This has allowed Butler to save students an estimated $1.75 million since the Fall of 2018 for English classes alone. When using OER and cohort access textbook options, the cost of the textbook is included on the student bill and is made available in Canvas when the student begins class. Learn more about Butler's efforts to ensure textbooks stay as affordable as possible. 

Additionally, some of your courses may require an access code for digital materials.  These can often be found in Canvas (our online learning system).  Please direct questions about these online materials to your instructor.