Key Terms for High School Parents | Butler Community College

Key Terms for High School Parents

Accuplacer -  Butler uses Accuplacer as the placement tool for students who need meet placement requirements for enrollment.  Your student can study on the Accuplacer Study App for free. 

Application for Admission – Free for all students, the Application for Admission is completed by the student to gather information about the student, their high school and future plans (major).  From the Application, a student will receive an ID number unique to them that will be used for all other enrollment activities.  

Accounts Receivable (AR) - All issues for student accounts are handled through the AR office.  Students can access their bill through the My Account button in My.Butlercc.  Students can send parents or guardians in Invitation to set up a payment account through the My Account button as well.  AR cannot release account information without an Authorization for Release of Information on file.  

AR hold – Accounts Receivable holds are placed on student accounts over $200, these holds prevent enrollment.  Holds are also placed on accounts with a balance above $0 but less than $200, these holds do not prevent enrollment.  Both holds prevent grades/transcripts from being released. 

Canvas - Butler uses Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS) for all online content for our classes.  Even face-to-face classes will have information for students in Canvas.  For Blended & Online classes and other learning modalities, students will use Canvas to submit homework, access ebook, take tests, etc.  Students login to Canvas using their Butler CC credentials. 

Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (CEP) – CEP refers to the partnership agreement that Butler CC has with the USD to approve full-time high school teachers to teach college level courses.  High school teachers must meet the same qualifications and educational credentials as all other faculty at the institution. 

Concurrent Enrollment – All current high school students that enroll in college classes are concurrent students.  Students may take classes at their high school, on a Butler campus or online. 

Dual Credit – Many high schools allow students to receive credit on their high school transcript for a college class. Only the high school can grant the credit and in many cases the student needs to have a conversation with their counselor before they enroll to ensure that credit will be applied.  

Early College Academy – Programs found across various campuses & locations in Butler County and online designed to enable students to complete an associate degree or industry credentials while also finishing high school.

Enroll (Enrollment) – Signing up for classes.  Students complete a Course Schedule Form that indicates which class(es) they would like to take each semester.  Only a student can make changes to their schedule.  High School students should speak with their counselor for details on the enrollment process. 

Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) – While still minors, high school students still fall under the general provisions outlined by the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA).  As a result, Butler does not release any information without the permission of that student.  We do encourage our students to complete an Authorization for Release of Information form at the time of enrollment that will allow Butler personnel to share information with the listed individuals when requested. 

High School Academic Partnerships (HAP) - Refers to the department within Butler CC that handles concurrent enrollment issues with high school students.  HAP establishes the enrollment policies and practices followed in collaboration with the USD and the other branches of the college.  The staff in the HAP office run Butler's H+ program. 

H+ - Butler's program creating a variety of enrollment opportunities for high school students. 

H+B+U - High school plus Butler plus University (or You!).  Curriculum plans customized to maximize concurrent enrollment opportunities that can lead to earlier completion of an AA, AS, or AAS after high school.  Students generally finish high school with about half of the associate degree with a plan to follow to complete the degree the year after HS graduation.   

Information Session – Session scheduled at a high school usually during evening in person or via zoom where students and parents are invited to hear Butler enrollment presentation and ask questions about enrollment process and opportunities.  

Interactive Schedule – A comprehensive and interactive tool used to view classes, course modalities, textbook requirements, campus locations, etc.   

Junior Day – Event in El Dorado for current juniors to gather more information about Butler opportunities while in high school and after high school.  

Kansas Promise Act – High-need programs available for post-secondary enrollment allowing students to avoid student loans for tuition, fees & books.  Programs and criteria found at   

Major – Study area of interest for a student.  A High School student does not have to declare a major.  Students may view their progress toward any major in their account by clicking on the ‘My Degree @ Butler” tile. – Butler Student Portal.  Students can find their schedule, bill, 1098-T, email, Canvas account, library access, and much more through their account.   

Official Transcripts - Only the Registrar can print or distribute an Official Transcript.  Students request a transcript by going to  There is a fee for an Official Transcript.  Transcripts issued to students are not considered official.  Parents/Guardians are not able to request a transcript for a student based on FERPA.  Only a student can release their academic records through a transcript request. 

Payment Plan – AR automatically rolls any account not paid in full by the due date set on the schedule bill into the payment plan system.  The $30 fee for payment plans is added after the last day to drop a class.  Payments can be set to automatically post or can be manually made online, by mail, by phone, or in person in the AR office of any BCC campus.   

Placement Testing – Time scheduled at high school for HAP personnel to conduct placement tests needed for students.  

Refund Date – Students can drop a class through the “last day for a refund”.

Modalities – BCC has established a variety of instructional modalities to meet the needs of various situations, campuses and courses.  The description for each of the modes of course delivery can be found in the Interactive Schedule.   

Multiple Measures – High school students can provide GPA, ACT, or Accuplacer scores to qualify for enrollment. 

OER, PUBS, SUBS – These acronyms refer to textbook delivery modes.  OER is for Open Educational Resources which are very low-cost textbooks that are developed using non-copyrighted materials and content selected by the academic department.  PUBS refers to a negotiated fee assessed for ebook access for textbooks.  OER and PUBS charges show on the student bill.  SUBS is a required subscription that a student purchases from the bookstore or online for a specific course.  This is done separately from the student billing system.  Instructions for obtaining the SUBS can be found from the bookstore or in Canvas.   

Refund Appeal – If a student is unable to complete a course in which they enroll for reasons that are outside of their control, they can consider filing a form with the Registrar’s Office to request the fees be refunded and the course(es) removed from the academic record.   Examples of circumstances that may warrant a Refund Appeal are included on the form.  Request form through the HAP office or access in my.butlercc under Butler Forms – Registrar.   

Senior Day – Event at Butler for current seniors to gather more information about attending Butler after high school.  

Schedule/Bill – Mailed to the home address of the student, the Schedule/Bill has detailed information on the class(es) in which they are enrolled and the balance due for tuition and fees.  

Transfer/Articulation - Kansas Board of Regents has established courses for Systemwide Transfer (SWT).  To see a full list of courses guaranteed to transfer to any institution in the state, go to  

Unofficial Transcript – Students can access their unofficial transcript in their My.Butlercc account using the “My Records” tab.  We recommend Unofficial Transcripts for scholarship applications, college visits, etc.  There is not charge for an unofficial transcript.   

Update Form – Each semester, students are required to complete an update form provided by HAP or the advising office confirming demographic and contact information and educational plans. 

Withdrawal Date – Students can withdraw from a course and receive a “W” on their transcript until the Last Day to Withdraw. Students will be requird to pay all course fees or tuition for the class(es), whether the Withdrawal is student initiated or instructor initiated, unless a Refund Appeal is approved.