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Start Smart FAQ

When does Start Smart begin?

All spring 2014 Kansas high school graduates and future Kansas graduates who took classes at Butler while in high school are eligible for Start Smart. Kansas home school students also qualify.

What if I graduate mid-year, am I still eligible for Start Smart?

Yes, if you graduate after April 1, 2014, you have one year (or two semesters excluding summer) to utilize Start Smart.

What if I take classes at another college while in high school?

You are eligible as long as you have not attended another college or university besides Butler after graduation. However, the credit only applies to courses taken at Butler while in high school.

How many credit hours are required?

You must be enrolled in 12 or more credit hours in the fall or spring semester after graduation to qualify.

How much tuition credit will I receive?

You will receive the tuition paid to Butler while you were in high school. Student fees, course fees, registration fees. online fees, and books are not included. To qualify for the credit, students must earn a C or higher in the Butler courses taken while in high school.

When will I receive my credit for the tuition I previously paid?

All of the higher school tuition that a student qualifies for will be credited in the student's first semester at Butler as a full-time student following high school graduation. So, if you took 18 credit hours while in high school and only enroll in 15 hours at Butler after high school, you will still get 18 hours of tuition credit that you paid while in high school credited to your account. This tuition credit can be used toward residence halls or a check may be issued to the student. Students are encouraged to use any remaining balances for current or future college expenses.

Will I still qualify for other scholarships, grants and loans?

In addition to the tuition credit, you may still qualify for other types of financial aid including scholarships, grants, employment and loans. You will need to complete a Butler scholarship application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility. Federal loans, Federal Work Study, Federal SEOG, and some scholarships may be limited based on your Financial Aid Cost of Attendance and/or need. Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more.

Do I need to earn a specific letter grade on my Butler courses taken in high school?

You will only receive tuition credit for the courses in which you earn a C or better.

What if I still owe Butler for college classes taken while in high school?

Your account must be current or paid in full to qualify for Start Smart funding.

Are Career & Technical Education/Senate Bill 155 courses eligible for Start Smart funding?

 These courses are paid for by the State of Kansas, not by the student. Only courses for which the student has paid tuition to the College and have successfully completed with a C or better are eligible for the credit.

Do I have to apply to receive credit for my Butler high school courses?

A process is in place to identify students who qualify for Start Smart; however, if you believe you may qualify please check with Accounts Receivable by calling 316.322.3390.