The Scan and The Quill Student Journals | Butler Community College

The Scan and The Quill Student Journals

If you are interested in becoming a published author, the English Department offers several avenues. On campus, two journals, The Scan and The Quill, showcase student writing, both academic and creative.

The Scan

This journal focuses on student academic writing and depends upon student essays submitted by faculty to the Scan editor, who makes the final decision regarding inclusion. If you are interested in submitting, please see your professor or contact Jim Buchhorn, faculty advisor.

The Quill

Butler's journal of creative writing, The Quill, typically features poems and short fiction, although it is open to drama and creative non-fiction. Submissions to The Quill may be made by students, faculty, staff, or alumni and should be sent to Jim Buchhorn, faculty advisor, who will forward them to The Quill's editor. Submit your work via email to Jim Buchhorn to and include your material as an attachment saved in either Word or as Rich Text Format.