About Dance

Discover the poetry in motion.

Dance is an art form that incorporates the visual impact of painting and sculpture, the rhythms and moods of music, and the storytelling drama of theatre.  These are all artistic tools of the dancer. The challenge is to use nothing more than movement as your palette, instrument and script. In dance, the art and the artist are inseparable.

Butler offers one of the few two-year dance degrees in Kansas.  Our program encompasses Tap, Jazz, Modern and Ballet. You’ll learn from gifted, experienced instructors who work extensively with each of our students to build on your strengths as a dancer. Twice a year, you will perform in public recitals.

If you decide to continue your education toward a Bachelor’s degree, the credits you’ve earned at Butler will follow you to most four-year institutions.

There is a very practical benefit to studying dance. It teaches the art of presentation, the skills of critical thinking and innovation, and the ability to work effectively as a part of a team. But learning to master the grace and athleticism of the art is an experience that is truly unique and rewarding in itself. If you are ready to explore and develop your potential as a dancer, we invite you to dance with us.

Your degree in Dance can lead to a career in:

  • Choreography
  • Dance Therapy
  • Education
  • Performance Arts
  • Theatre