Pipeline Issue in Chrome

July 21, 2020

Butler is aware of an issue with a change introduced by the most recent update to Google Chrome released over the weekend. This update increased the security level supported by Google Chrome. When navigating to Pipeline, you might receive an error that the website is not secure. Pipeline content is still encrypted, however it utilizes an older encryption method which Google will stop supporting in the future and it is warning users accordingly. 

Due to this update, there are currently some links within Pipeline which will NOT work with Chrome, such as timesheets or class rosters (any links to Self Service Banner). Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari will still work for those processes and we recommend using those browsers instead of Chrome. Please continue to use Chrome as the preferred browser for Canvas. We apologize for any inconvenience this change causes you, and if you have further questions or need help navigating through the errors please contact the Service Desk at the number listed below:

(316) 733-3306
(316) 322-3306