About Internetworking Management

This degree gives you connections that are out of this world.

One important reason that the world seems to be shrinking into a global village is the capability of satellites to transmit data from almost anywhere on Earth to almost anywhere else in seconds flat. Time and space become tiny fractions of their former selves when we combine our ever advancing computing power with the incredible speed of satellite transmission. The planet-sized task of managing this technology for user groups that are made up of multiple networks is referred to as Internetworking Management.

Butler’s associate degree curriculum is taught by instructors who have been certified by CISCO, the company that pioneered satellite-based internetworking technologies. The instruction you receive will prepare you for a number of CISCO certifications, including CCNA, CompTIA's A+, CompTIA's Network+, and CompTIA's Security+.

With so many businesses and organizations operating on a global scale, satellite-based computer networking is the wave of both the present and the future. Learn the technology, and build your career on a strong foundation through the Internetworking Management program.