About Religion

Understanding Others through Their Religion

By analyzing religious texts, you will gain an understanding of specific religious customs, values and beliefs. When you study religion, you examine how specific cultural aspects have shaped humanity’s quest for meaning. A culture’s spiritual beliefs and traditions hold the key to that cultures worldview.

Studying religion at Butler increases your ability to thrive in a global environment. Religion courses, taken with a diverse group of students, also help you relate to your neighbors and co-workers. Along with examining the significant questions that have been posed throughout the ages, you will learn analytical and communication skills.


The intersections of religion and culture are many. By studying religion, you will be better equipped to interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, analyze different cultural practices, and critically evaluate the various aspects of your own culture.

To earn a major in religion, you must complete nine hours of religion courses. In addition, when you major in religion at Butler, you have the opportunity to expand your breadth of understanding by taking a course from our philosophy department.