About Performance Theater

Theatre - Performance

Theatre is not just a major. It’s a way to empower your voice. To discover and transform yourself. Theatre at Butler offers you a community. A safe, fun place to learn and experience other’s passions and insights.

You learn from working professionals and experience live drama. Each year, you can be involved in a classical piece, a children’s play, a musical, and/or an original script. Each work is carefully chosen and expertly directed. You also learn from guest artists and participate in workshops.

When you study theatre, your perspective about acting changes. You will not simply read a script. You will read between the lines, and discover how to be heard without speaking and how to hear what hasn’t been said.

Once you discover the magic of theatre, you gain confidence and transform. In addition to a career on the stage, theatre majors are sought after in sales, management, communications, and education. Earn a two-year degree in theatre or simply participate while you major in another field. Take your degree to a job or transfer to a four-year school.