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Online forms: Background Check Form For BUTLER COMMUNITY COLLEGE of McConnell AFB

Any students enrolled who are not military or military affiliated (do not have base access), are required to have documents reviewed and obtain a new McConnell vehicle pass for every revised semester schedule (i.e., add/drops, 2nd 8 week classes). Please follow these steps to complete the process which is required by McConnell AFB Security Forces.

  1. SUBMIT BACKGROUND CHECK FORM. The form can be faxed, mailed, or returned directly to the Butler Service Center as well as submitted online.
    • Fax: 316.691.9476
    • Mail: Butler Service Center, 2626 S. Rock Road, Suite 116, Wichita, KS 67210
    • To submit online, click the “BEGIN THIS FORM” button below.
    • We will not get the results on the background check until one week prior to class. Please call our office at 316.323.6050 for status of your Background Check. A NEW BACKGROUND FORM MUST BE COMPLETED when there is a break in enrollment (not including Summer.)
  2. Once Background Check is approved for the CURRENT semester schedule, the student must bring the following to the Service Center (issued FIVE CALENDAR DAYS prior to class start date):
    • Proof of U.S. Citizenship: either original state-issued Birth Certificate, current U.S. Passport, or Naturalization papers
    • Current Vehicle Registration (must be in students’ name OR must have NOTARIZED letter completed by vehicle owner. (Please call for current days/times a notary will be available at the Service Center.)
    • Current Vehicle Insurance
    • Valid Driver’s License
  3. CLASSES PAID. You must have classes paid for, on payment plan, or paperwork submitted to Butler such as Financial Aid award letter, QTTP voucher, WIA/KDHR approval before you will be issued the Schedule with the embossed seal (which is required for base access).

  4. OBTAIN BASE VEHICLE PASS at McConnell Air Force Base Visitor’s Center. To be issued a Base Vehicle Pass, the student is required to show the following:
    • ALL documents listed above AND
    • Student Schedule/Bill with embossed seal (from Service Center) as proof of enrollment.

McConnell Air Force Base security office will issue vehicle base passes at the McConnell AFB Visitor’s Center just outside of base’s East gate (off of South Rock Road). Visitor Center Hours are Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. You will be allowed access to the base only for the days and hours indicated on your vehicle pass. Students are required to obtain a new McConnell vehicle pass EVERY revised semester schedule (i.e., add/drops, 2nd 8 week classes).

Please call 316.323.6050 to inquire about the current status of your background check.

If you would prefer to fill this form in offline, then please download the following blank PDF form, and post it back to us at the address above.