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Butler Recognizes December 2016 Nursing Graduates

Nurses Pinning December 2016
Published: Friday, December 9th, 2016

Butler Community College recognized 59 nursing graduates Thursday evening during its December 2016 Pinning Ceremony.

The Dec. 8 event was held on Butler’s El Dorado campus.

The ceremony included a welcome by Anita Mills, MSN, dean of Butler’s Nursing program and greetings from Dr. Greg Joyce, Butler Board of Trustees, Kim Krull, Ph.D., President of Butler Community College and Lori Winningham, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Since 1965, hundreds of Butler graduates have received a pin upon graduating with a RN (registered nurse) degree. The pinning practice of nurses began in the late 19th century in London. By 1880, this symbolic rite was brought to Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Since then, the practice has become commonplace at nursing school graduations.

“This pinning demonstrates your effort, dedication and perseverance,” Mills told the graduates.

Joyce emphasized how proud the school was of the graduates and their achievements. All of the graduates either have a job or will continue their schooling. They are going into pediatrics, labor and delivery, ICU and orthopedics. One student will head to Duke University Hospital to work.

“Butler produces nurses that area hospitals are eager to add to their staffs,” Joyce said. 

The president of the class, Jana Clendenin, drew laughs out of the crowd when she spoke of how they practiced injecting oranges and how if you don’t document it, it didn’t happen.

Besides receiving their graduate nursing pins, some graduates were recognized for volunteer efforts by members of the American Red Cross, Central Plains Blood Services Region, as well as by Butler for participating in a mentoring program that enables third and fourth semester nursing students to mentor first and second semester nursing students.

Pinning Graduates December 2016 and Hometowns

(All cities are in Kansas)

Kristina Renee Cervantes

Clare Anne Weaver


Kayla Kathryn Knowles

Natasha Dominque Hayden


Jennifer Kay Ferguson

Shawn Nicholas Warren

Cottonwood Falls

Robin L Grokett



Juliana Handy



Jennifer Kay Jones


Conway Springs

Katelyn Christian Sage


Courtney Brooke McCormick

Kathy Louise Naillieux

Tara Jean Ormsby+

Morgen Osenbaugh


Lauren Elizabeth Page

El Dorado

Geri Hamilton

Jessica Lark Harris

Amber Jolene Herrman



Megan Marie Epley

Audrey Renee Shipman


Laci Jo Heatwole



Briley Renee Horner-Houchens, Early College Health Sciences Academy Graduate)


Jessica Ann James


Rose Hill

Diandra Marie Henriques

Rachel Ann Lumbert+



Dallas Burgandy Kane+


Rachel Marie Cordell



Christi Anne Leewright-Patry +#



Edith Alit Aguilar

Casey D Amos, Class Vice President+

Audrey Danielle Barba

Kaleigh Lynn Barnes

Christina Rene Blair

Jana Kay Clendenin, Class President

Nathan Delane Cunningham III

Chelsea Dawn Decker

Elise Kaylynn Doan

Margaret Flucas

Kristina M Franklin

Khristy Haynes

Elizabeth Louise Henderson+#

Annlice Wilson Kaaya

Krista Mykel Kessler

Wendy Elizabeth Martinez+

Emily Rachel Nolan

Meredith Marie O’Halloran

Lorena Perez

Emilee Marie Rapp

Miranda Nichole Ritz

Katherine Lauren Safarik#

Celia Maria Saiz

Cheryl Lynn Sanford

Anna Meryl Simmons

Alyssa Lauren Sones

Erica Lynn Stouky

Tahirih Anne Thonen#

Madison Ann Tucker

Erin Michelle Wilson



AnnHeidi Marie Reed



+ Red Cross Award Recipient

#Mentor Recognition