Butler’s Life Enrichment to Feature Award-Winning Ag Educator/Rancher and Train Historian | Butler Community College

Butler’s Life Enrichment to Feature Award-Winning Ag Educator/Rancher and Train Historian

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Published: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Butler's Life Enrichment Features speakers Jamie Lindamood and Harvey Koehn on their knowledge of 'Small-town life' and changes in railroad traveling patterns.

Butler Community College’s Life Enrichment will host Jamie Lindamood at 9 a.m. and Harvey Koehn at 10 a.m., March 6 at the Hubbard Welcome Center at the Butler of El Dorado campus.  

Discovering where our food comes from is increasingly important to consumers as the knowledge gap from pasture to plate is growing larger. Lindamood will walk us through her educational ‘A Day at the Ranch’ tour, to give people from the city a crash course in today’s agriculture and answer pressing questions about technology in agriculture. The tour was highlighted in Beef Magazine in November, and Lindamood was honored with the magazine’s 2017 Trailblazer Award.

Koehn, a retired educator and active member of the Great Plains Transportation Museum, will discuss the various railroad stations – depots – that once graced Kansas communities. There was an era when the railroad station was a city’s central location for travel and communication. Changes in technology and travel patterns have changed the importance of the railroad station. Koehn’s presentation includes historic photographs of Kansas railroad stations and he discusses the important role they had in a community. 

Life Enrichment meets on the first Tuesday morning of the month during the school year. Area adults enjoy high-quality speakers and performers, along with a light breakfast and coffee at each regular meeting. Meetings take place in the Clifford/Stone Community Room at the Hubbard Welcome Center on the El Dorado campus. Meetings are open to everyone and there is no charge to attend. Those who attend regularly are encouraged to register so they receive monthly newsletters announcing the programs. New members are always welcome.  

For more information about Life Enrichment or the March 6 program, please contact Trisha Walls at 316-218-6355 or twalls@butlercc.edu