Alvin the Alligator is Back at Butler | Butler Community College

Alvin the Alligator is Back at Butler

Alvin the Alligator 2018 Show
Published: Thursday, February 15th, 2018

The lovable reptile Alvin the Alligator, returns to Butler Community College's stage for the annual Children’s Theater show.

‘Alvin the Alligator’ is back!  This loveable reptile returns to the stage for the annual Children’s Theatre show.  In his previous outings (Totally Frank, Hollywood Daze, Band Together and Spaced Out), Alvin imparted the lessons of non-judgment, acceptance, loyalty and self-esteem.  In this new adventure, Completely Frank, Alvin imparts another classic life lesson. 

Bob Peterson, the chair of Butler’s Theatre Department wrote and directed this year’s show, Completely Frank. The show will be premiering at 2 p.m., Feb. 24. The 2 dollar tickets are available through the Box Office at (316) 322-3262.

Approximately 1,000 area elementary students will be bussed in to see the show during eight matinee performances from February 20-28.