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Butler’s Nursing Program Celebrates Graduates

President and Vice Pres nursing 2018
Published: Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Butler Community College celebrated the graduation of 63 nurses from Butler’s nursing program with an annual nurses pinning event on May 10. This is the nursing program’s 51st anniversary.

As the ceremony was about to begin, a child yelled, “Momma,” and waved to all the graduates as they promenaded into the gym on the Butler Community College El Dorado campus. Graduates span a large age range. Their life experience is varied, but their compassion and steadfastness are similar.

“Butler’s nursing program has prepared you well, but never stop learning,” said Anita Mills, Dean of Health, Education and Public Service. “Never accept status quo.”

Mills told the graduates and their families that the nursing program is as strong as it is today because of the many faculty, students and administrators who have gone before them. Mills also commended nursing faculty members Donna Adams-Zimmerman and Denise Lakous on their retirements, commending them on their combined 60 years of service to nursing education and Butler students.

Butler Community College President Kimberly Krull, Ph.D., told the crowd of graduates how proud she was of their hard work and fortitude.

“You have achieved a huge milestone,” Krull said. “Thank you for your selfless commitment to a tremendous profession.”

Shelby Rawlings Downing of Andover, the student president of the nursing class, rallied the crowd when she told them that all of the 63 nursing students passed the nursing exam. Downing described her classmates as a diverse group, from fresh out of high school to grandparents. For some, she said, America is not their home country and English is not their first language.

“We all know Butler’s nursing program is a sought-after program,” Downing said. “There will be a strong purple presence (in area hospitals).”

Butler’s 2018 nursing graduates include:

Nursing Graduates


Shelby Rawlings Downing

Nikki Esparza



Emily Alexander

Carrie Arnold


Bel Air:

Krista Barrera ^

Jamie S. Black



Alice Blanton



Anne Maina Bolden

Stephanie Bonebrake

Beth Borko


El Dorado:


Rachel L. Ciapponi

Rob Cloyd

Nicole Cunningham

Sarah Erpelding



Kaitlin Davis ^



Emily Eck

Corry Eggert



Brooke Gorman

Rachel Habiger



Jordan Hamed



Sydney Harder


Rose Hill:

Lindsey Hecht

Leah Hobbs #



Erin Hunt ^#

Rebecca Isenbart

Douglas A. Jarman

Melissa Johnson

Victoria Lank

Susie Lipke

Mindi Long #

Zsakeé Love

Angela Maina

Pauline B. Maosa

Jennifer Ann McCormack

Kelsea Miller ^#

Emma Momanyi

Briana Moore ^#

Melissa Morris

Patrick K. Muia

Hope Newcomb

Brenda Ngetich

Sarah Nosker-Merlino

Benjamin Ondieki

Tiffany Bui Pham

Julia Ann Risley

Lindsay Rochelle

Jenni Segura

Jen Serreyn ^#

April Shockley

Tabitha Slater ^#

Nikole Streit

Joktan Tanui

Sarah Thomas

William Tice

Mashun R. Tinnin

Brooklyn Tolbert

Edna Tonya

Jen Tucker

Anique Valmont

Vanessa West #

Briana M. Wildoner

Kaili Williams

Kelsie Young



^ Red Cross Award Recipient

# Mentor Recognition