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Butler for Butler Finds Positive Perceptions of College

Butler for Butler representative speaks before Butler Board of Trustees.
Published: Thursday, May 16th, 2019

A Butler County Community Forum Harvests Opinions and Suggestions from Stakeholders

El Dorado, Kan. – Butler for Butler, a volunteer task force co-chaired by Travis Griffin of Andover, Linda Jolly of El Dorado, Eileen Dreiling of Augusta, and facilitated by Rod Young of Rose Hill, reported its findings to the Butler Community College Board of Trustees in early April. The task force conducted a community-based visioning and planning process for the College. Their work focused on gathering information reflecting the perspective of Butler County residents to help Butler Community College determine how it could be an economic driver, support workforce development and be best positioned to serve students and the local communities.

The task force was comprised of Butler County business, civic and community leaders. With the changing landscape in higher education, their work focused on understanding what Butler County residents, employers, and taxpayers want and need for the College to change, innovate, and shift in order to best serve the county as well as the college’s mission and students.

Community focus groups were held in Augusta, Andover and El Dorado.

In addition to the board presentation, Butler for Butler leaders also sent a letter and summary of the findings to all participants of the community sessions, from both the in-person sessions and the online survey.

Some of the key findings shared with Trustees included:

•              Community perceptions of Butler Community College are generally positive

•              Butler has good connections with industry but needs more awareness

•              County residents want more connection to college people and programs

•              Butler is affordable, offers college credit to high school students, and creates local pride

•              Butler needs more engagement and targeted communication with local leaders and employers

•              In the future, Butler needs to continue to meet workforce needs and remain affordable

•              Continued efforts need to be given to cost/benefit concerns, particularly as they relate to Butler County residents


The Board has agreed to review the results carefully and consider the information gathered as they update their strategic plan. Butler will continue to share information and engage stakeholders.

“I am grateful to our local leaders who volunteered their time to manage this project for the future of our college,” said Dr. Kim Krull, Butler Community College president. “I am equally grateful to those who took the time to participate in the Butler for Butler visioning sessions and share their thoughts. Our efforts are driven by our desire to best serve our county, our communities, our citizens and our students.”

Co-chairs and members of the Butler for Butler Task Force were:

Linda Jolly, El Dorado

Eileen Dreiling, Augusta

Travis Griffin, Andover

Rod Young, Rose Hill

Tom Leffler, Augusta

Tiya Tonn, El Dorado

Dave Sundgren, El Dorado

Randal Chickadonz, Rose Hill

Chase Locke, El Dorado

Matt Ward, Augusta

Jessica Rall, El Dorado

Jill Lachenmayr, Andover

Harold Beedles, Rose Hill

Marla Canfield, Andover


A copy of the PowerPoint presentation can be found at www.butlercc.edu/community.