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Students Recognized in Order of the Purple Ceremony

Butler graduates are seated at the Order of the Purple ceremony to be recognized for meeting the honors requirement
Published: Thursday, May 30th, 2019

More Than $8,000 in Scholarships, Awards Received by Butler Graduates

El Dorado, Kan. – More than 150 students were recognized for their outstanding academic performance on Friday, May 17. Butler Community College continued its long-standing tradition of honoring academic success by recognizing students who maintained a 3.75 or higher grade point average throughout their time as a Butler student during the Order of the Purple and Honors Recognition Ceremony.

Each year, one instructor is recognized for their exemplary performance, receiving the title of Master Teacher. With this title, the individual is also given the honor of speaking at the Order of the Purple and Honors Recognition Ceremony. This year’s keynote speaker and Master Teacher was Dr. Noreen Templin, who instructs students in the field of economics.

During her address, Templin informed the Order of the Purple recipients that, “Limits exist wherever you set them.” She challenged the scholars to be aware of the limits they set on themselves.

“What if you didn’t have a finish line? How much sooner would you rise? How much faster could you run without limits?” Templin asked.

In addition to being inducted into the Order of the Purple, five graduates were recipients of additional honors.

The Huey Award is given to an arts student who holds themselves to the highest level of standards. The award was established in memory of Gregory “Huey” Bales. Bales was active in journalism, music and theatre as a student at Butler and Kansas State University. This year, the Huey award was earned by Tessa Seybert of Wichita, Kan.

At the conclusion of each year, one graduate majoring in science, math, or engineering is awarded with the Helen Teeter Zeobold Science Award. For her commitment to the sciences, this year’s recipient was Claudia Hess of Abilene, Kan.

Three donor-established transfer scholarships were given by the Butler Foundation, two for the first time ever.

Abdoul Aziz I Diallo from Conakry, Guinea, was the winner of the Winnie L. Broers Presidential Scholarship in the amount of $6,500. While attending either Kansas State University or the University of Kansas, recipients of this award are gifted a portion of this scholarship each semester. Diallo worked for the web services department and the fine arts box office. He was president of the International Student Association, a member of Phi Theta Kappa and participated in Grizzly Ambassadors. He plans to return to Guinea and work at or start an information technology company after he studies computer science at the University of Kansas.

The Butler/Emporia Student to Teachers (BEST) Program offers students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in education through Emporia State University while remaining at Butler Community College. This year, the David and Shirley Longfellow BEST Scholarship, named after two former Butler instructors, was awarded to Lauri Preble of Benton, Kan., in the amount of $800 for her intent of earning a bachelor’s degree through the BEST Program.

Vivian Adhiambo from Nairobi, Kenya, received the Crossland Family Presidential Scholarship of $1,900. This award, established by the generosity of the Crossland Construction Company and the Crossland Family, is given to an individual who will continue their academic career at Pittsburg State University.

The following individuals (alphabetized by Kansas hometowns first) met the academic standards to graduate with Order of the Purple Honors:

·         Claudia Hess (Abilene, Kan.)

·         Mogan Baughman (Andover, Kan.)

·         Sydney Bessent (Andover, Kan.)

·         Sean Farrell (Andover, Kan.)

·         Erin Goodrum (Andover, Kan.)*

·         Denver Smith (Andover, Kan.)

·         Rebekah Smith (Andover, Kan.)

·         Ivon Castillo (Anthony, Kan.)*

·         Taylor Ames (Augusta, Kan.)

·         Amanda Bennett (Augusta, Kan.)

·         Ezri Berggren (Augusta, Kan.)

·         Jacquelyn Bogner (Augusta, Kan.)

·         Levi Harris (Augusta, Kan.)*

·         Jackson Hollis (Augusta, Kan.)

·         Lacey Merz (Augusta, Kan.)

·         Brandon Michael (Augusta, Kan.)*

·         Sidney Ridder (Augusta, Kan.)

·         Ellis Smith (Augusta, Kan.)*

·         Sarah Weeks (Augusta, Kan.)*

·         Charles Cope (Bel Aire, Kan.)

·         Tabitha Lee (Benton, Kan.)*

·         Emily Wagner (Brookville, Kan.)*

·         Shannon Carter (Derby, Kan.)*

·         Reagan Cowden (Derby, Kan.)

·         Charlotte Danis (Derby, Kan.)

·         Bailey Kippenberger (Derby, Kan.)

·         Allison Klausmeyer (Derby, Kan.)*

·         Erin Kooser (Derby, Kan.)*

·         Caytyn Nystrom (Derby, Kan.)*

·         Carly Smith (Derby, Kan.)

·         Lydia Christensen (Douglass, Kan.)

·         Jaysi Mertz (Douglass, Kan.)

·         Jacob Wood (Douglass, Kan.)

·         Natalie Allen (El Dorado, Kan.)*

·         Caelin Bragg (El Dorado, Kan.)*

·         Ricki Burks (El Dorado, Kan.)*

·         Jordan Carlson (El Dorado, Kan.)

·         Taran Day (El Dorado, Kan.)

·         Emily Dutcher (El Dorado, Kan.)

·         Dalyn Garrison (El Dorado, Kan.)*

·         Erin-Kate Gomez (El Dorado, Kan.)*

·         Timothy Johnson (El Dorado, Kan.)

·         Adam Kirkbride (El Dorado, Kan.)

·         Anna Kuestersteffen (El Dorado, Kan.)*

·         Katrina Schneweis (El Dorado, Kan.)*

·         Rhealynn Turner (El Dorado, Kan.)

·         Jenae Waite (El Dorado, Kan.)

·         Adrianne Stapleford (Eureka, Kan.)

·         Sharon Maxwell (Goddard, Kan.)

·         Rachel Worman (Goddard, Kan.)*

·         Andrea Coslett (Haysville, Kan.)*

·         Sarah Grow (Haysville, Kan.)*

·         Shelby Landwehr (Haysville, Kan.)

·         Shawna Scovell (Haysville, Kan.)*

·         Jaedn Cooper (Junction City, Kan.)*

·         Jordan Russell (Mulvane, Kan.)

·         Riley Wedel (Newton, Kan.)

·         Aubrie Harris (Norwich, Kan.)*

·         Nathan Kampe (Park City, Kan.)

·         Tashongedzwa Mataswa (Park City, Kan.)*

·         Kathryn Weddle (Park City, Kan.)

·         Katelyn Benson (Peabody, Kan.)

·         Jessica Gulaskey (Rose Hill, Kan.)*

·         Analisa Pennington (Rose Hill, Kan.)

·         Hailey Snyder (Rose Hill, Kan.)

·         Sydney Moore (Sedan, Kan.)

·         Amanda McGee (Towanda, Kan.)*

·         Kassidy Redington (Towanda, Kan.)

·         Kathryn Buchanan (Valley Center, Kan.)

·         Melissa Koss (Valley Center, Kan.)*

·         Abigail Musgrove (Valley Center, Kan.)*

·         Shelbie Toevs (Whitewater, Kan.)

·         Rebekah Arnold (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Joel Astegiano (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Margaret Aylward (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Grace Bartlett (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Brian Bleier (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Andrea Bonds (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Zachary Bowker (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Lorynn Boyce (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Brittany Bujanda-Kessel (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Kaylee Burnett (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Holly Burris (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Huong Cao (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Luke Carter (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Amber Cooper (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Emily Crow (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Zion Dewerff (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Timothy Dixon (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Kendra Edwards (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Tamer El-Haj (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Natalie Engels (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Fatma Ergul (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Levi Feil (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Angel Gamboa (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Marcus German (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Brittany Grabill (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Kylie Greybill (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Brooke Hager (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Abigail Hale (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Joshua Hall (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Natesca Hillery (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Charles Hughes (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Beth Huseman (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Trang Huynh (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Noah Jesri (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Bethany Johnson (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Scott Johnson (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Sarah Jung (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Kelsey Katz (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Spring Knickrehm (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Kimberly Korntheuer (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Shelby Kraus (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Asa Langenberg (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Levi Mathis (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Braydon Moncivais (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Michael Montanye (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Benjamin Morales (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Anthony Nguyen (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Thang Nguyen (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Vivian Ochieng (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Archanaben Patel (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Kisan Patel (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Cameron Pfeifer (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Austin Pham (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Sandra Phomakay (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Reshuka Pokhrel (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Mohammad Qaddora (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Roman Quinn (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Tulsa Ragnhall (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Jaeden Randolph (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Khalil Ray (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Paola Rodriguez (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Michael Rogers (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Morgan Rutledge (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Victoria Ruvalcaba (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Jamilyn Ryberg (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Nichole Schwab (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Tessa Seybert (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Molly Simpson (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Ashley Small (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Camille Sowa (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Lilia Treto Acevedo (Wichita, Kan.)*

·         Melissa Turrell-Loecken (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Brian Wairiri (Wichita, Kan.)

·         Sierra Salsman (Winfield, Kan.)*

·         Sarah Allbritton (Mayflower, Ark.)

·         Erica Bowles (Santa Maria, Calif.)*

·         Aidan Yu (Dalian, China)*

·         Austin Vieselmeyer (Amherst, Colo.)*

·         Sara Mitchell (Arvada, Colo.)

·         Abdoul Diallo (Conakry, Guinea)*

·         Hobeen You (Bucheon-si, Korea)*

·         Skyler Scotten (Nevada, Mo.)

·         Deztinee Gooden (Oklahoma City, Okla.)

·         Brianna Robinson (Henderson, Texas)*

·         Anna Williams (Lubbock, Texas)*

·         Sarah-Jane French (Cumberland, Va.)*