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Butler, WSU Create Powerful Degree Pathway in Biomedical Engineering

Faculty and administration from Butler and Wichita State University stand for a group photo.
Left to right: Linnea GlenMaye, Ph.D., WSU associate vice president for academic affairs; Dennis Livesay, Ph.D., dean of the WSU College of Engineering; Michael Jorgensen, Ph.D., WSU Biomedical Engineering Department chair; Ana Lazarin, WSU director of broadening participation in engineering and recruitment; Larry Friesen, lead instructor of the Butler pre-engineering program; Lori Winningham, Butler vice president of academics; Kimberly Krull, Ph.D., Butler president; and Mel Whiteside, dean of Butler science, technology, engineering and math. This group represented both colleges efforts to bring another easily transferable degree to students.
Published: Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Butler pre-engineering graduates can transfer 64 credit hours.

Andover, Kan. - Those interested in a career in biomedical engineering just received another degree option that’s closer to home. Butler Community College and Wichita State University joined forces on Tuesday afternoon to officially sign a 2+2 agreement that articulates a complete four-year plan of study in biomedical engineering between Butler’s pre-engineering program and WSU’s College of Engineering. Biomedical engineering is the newest engineering track at Wichita State University and this articulation agreement is the program’s first with a community college.

The signing ceremony was held December 17, at Butler Community College’s 5000 Building on East 13th street in Andover. Linnea GlenMaye, Ph.D., WSU associate vice president for academic affairs lead the ceremony. Michael Jorgensen, Ph.D., biomedical engineering department chair, and Dennis Livesay, Ph.D., dean of the WSU College of Engineering, represented WSU in the signing while Kimberly Krull, Ph.D., president, Lori Winningham, vice president of academics, and Mel Whiteside, dean of science, technology, engineering and math represented Butler.

The new partnership, effective immediately, allows Butler students earning an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in pre-engineering with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to be guaranteed admission to WSU upon completion of the appropriate application requirements. Butler pre-engineering graduates will enter WSU with junior status as they transfer 64 credit hours from Butler to WSU. Students will then complete another 64-65 credit hours within WSU’s College of Engineering. Students will graduate from WSU with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering.

Livesay commented on how, over the years, he’s come to understand the importance of programs like this, which give students a roadmap to success.

WSU has been such a critical partner for us for so many years,” said President Krull. “Students will know they can start with us and finish with you, and that their work is valued on both ends.”

Krull also spoke to how students can take advantage of Butler’s affordable costs on two full years toward an engineering degree and then transfer easily into their final two years of specific learning at WSU.

Butler Community College serves the region as Wichita State University’s number one feeder school. Butler has more program articulation agreements with WSU than any other college in the region. The biomedical engineering agreement continues the long-standing academic partnership between WSU and Butler.

GlenMaye concluded with optimism for more articulations to come in the future between the two institutions.

“We’re looking forward to working on lots more partnerships with you,” she said. “You are our most important partner in terms of how many students come to us from Butler. We want to make sure we preserve and strengthen our partnership.”

Students interested in the biomedical engineering degree path can contact Butler admissions at 316.733.3255 or admissions@butlercc.edu. The Butler offices will be closed from December 21 to January 2, 2020. Those interested are encouraged to email admissions or apply for admission online at butlercc.edu/apply during this time.