Butler celebrates with 85 Early College Academy graduates | Butler Community College

Butler celebrates with 85 Early College Academy graduates

An Early College Academy sign stands in a graduate's yard.
Published: Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Area students graduate with high school diploma, college degree simultaneously

EL DORADO, Kan. – Graduating from high school is a momentous accomplishment in anyone’s life, but receiving two degrees at once is exemplary. Although the traditional ceremony was cancelled due to COVID-19, 85 high school seniors were still able to join in celebrating 2020 Early College Academy graduation festivities. While physical graduation festivities were cancelled, many families and community members celebrated graduates with signs and small gatherings. All of these graduates joined the rest of Butler’s 2020 graduates during a virtual ceremony on May 30.

The Early College Academy offers high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to take college level classes and graduate with an associate degree.

“I feel excited!” said Natalie Shifflett, a health science graduate from the program. “I’m glad I got two years of college done by the time I graduated high school.”

Shifflett and her fellow graduates were able to gain experience and a jump on future endeavors.

“I feel I got a good glimpse of what college will be like and what to expect. The program has helped me get a head start on my medical pathway,” Shifflett said.

Shifflett plans on continuing with Butler and applying for the nursing program in the fall.

Along with Health Science, the Early College Academy Program offers degrees in Business, Cyber Security, Engineering, Game Design, Humanities, Culinary Arts, Education and Welding.

These students are well on their way to a bright and promising future:


  • Jadyn Barr - Andover Central High School (Health Science) 

  • MiKayla Cooper - Andover Central High School (Humanities) 

  • Tyler Crowley - Andover Central High School (Engineering) 

  • Mikala Hodgens - Circle High School (Health Science) 

  • Shanna Hopkins - Andover Central High School (Health Science) 

  • Kylie Litavniks - Andover Central High School (Business) 

  • Julia McKenzie - Andover Central High School (Health Science) 

  • Lauren Stover - Andover Central High School (Humanities) 

  • Elisabeth Wenant - Andover eCademy (Game Design)


  • Trenton Burnham - Augusta High School (Cyber Security) 

  • Makenzie Childers – Augusta High School (Health Science) 

  • Madison Foy - Augusta High School (Health Science) 

  • Sophie Johnston - Augusta High School (Health Science) 

  • Michael Lydon - Augusta High School (Engineering) 

  • Tatum Moore - Augusta High School (Humanities) 

  • Kolbe Mosier - Augusta High School (Aviation) 

  • Haley Peacock - Home School (Health Science) 

  • Kayla Weir - Augusta High School (Humanities)

Bel Aire

  • Megan Kelley - Augusta High School (Business)


  • Chloe Alcantara - Derby High School (Humanities) 

  • Chloe Anderson - Rose Hill High School (Humanities) 

  • Courtney Bailey - Derby High School (Humanities) 

  • Olivia Brackeen - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Lydia Castorena - Derby High School (Humanities) 

  • River Cross - Derby High School (Humanities) 

  • Sydney Denton - Rose Hill High School (Health Science) 

  • Allison Hall - Derby High School (Humanities) 

  • Ryan Hunter - Debry High School (Humanities) 

  • Bayley Johnson - Debry High School (Health Science) 

  • Jalen Keener - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Lucy Lunsford - Rose Hill High School (Aviation) 

  • Elek Mong - Derby High School (Engineering) 

  • Kazia Nero - Derby High School (Humanities) 

  • Quinn Price - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Aliyah Reeves - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Jackeline Rubalcava - Derby High School (Humanities) 

  • Josie Russell - Mulvane High School (Health Science) 

  • Kaydran Russell - Mulvane High School (Health Science) 

  • Natalie Shifflett - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Bailee Shipman - Rose Hill High School (Humanities) 

  • Luke Smith - Derby High School (Business) 

  • Brianna Smith - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Shonna Sorth - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Alexandria Stegman - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Kell Wood - Andover Central High School (Health Science)


  • Josef Peck - Rose Hill High School (Cyber Security)

El Dorado

  • MaKayla Chabot - El Dorado High School (Humanities) 

  • Abigail McGee - Circle High School (Health Science) 

  • Landon Moore - Circle High School (Health Science) 

  • Ellie Trier - Circle High School (Health Science)


  • Emma Young - Bluestem High School (Health Science)


  • Brookelyn Allen - Mulvane High School (Health Science) 

  • Carolanne Blecha - Home School (Humanities) 

  • Isabelle Boatright - Mulvane High School (Health Sciences) 

  • Shayla Cowin - Mulvane High School (Humanities) 

  • Megann George - Mulvane High School (Health Science) 

  • Monica Laffery - Mulvane High School (Humanities) 

  • Mercedes McDowell - Mulvane High School (Humanities) 

  • Hannah Mouak - Mulvane High School (Health Science) 

  • Brooke Pitzer - Mulvane High School (Health Science) 

  • Jordan Woolsey - Mulvane High School (Humanities) 

  • Regan Wright - Mulvane High School (Health Science)


  • Jenny Gutierrez - Mulvane High School (Business)

Rose Hill 

  • Taylor Barlett - Rose Hill High School (Health Science) 

  • Ethan Beason - Rose Hill High School (Humanities) 

  • Jayden Chickadonz - Rose Hill High School (Education) 

  • Caitlyn Korte - Augusta High School (Health Science) 

  • Haley Lee - Rose Hill High School (Education) 

  • Mekenzie Rose - Rose Hill High School (Health Science) 

  • Calli Tipton - Rose Hill High School (Business) 

  • Jessica Yates - Rose Hill High School (Engineering)

    • Year-1 Completer 


  • Evan Winningham - Circle High School (Aviation) 


  • Daisy Banuelos - Derby High School (Health Science) 

  • Kaydn Dobosz - Circle High School (Humanities) 

  • Tanner Dooley - Eisenhower High School (Cyber Security) 

  • Rachel Dworak - Derby High School (Business) 

  • Blaize Grunden - Derby High School (Humanities) 

  • Noel Hawkins - Circle High School (Health Science) 

  • Anastasia Likiardopoulos - Derby High School (Education) 

  • Madelyn McDaniel - Andover Central High School (Health Science) 

  • Jaida Sims - Andover High School (Game Design) 

  • Kelsey Stenger - Andover eCademy (Health Science) 

  • Nalah Stokes - Derby High School (Engineering) 

  • Cameron Stouky - Eisenhower High School (Health Science) 


  • Mikah Beavers - Rose Hill High School (Health Science)