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Kansas Promise Scholarship to apply to select CTE programs

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Published: Friday, May 7th, 2021

New ‘Last Dollar’ scholarship to fill cost gap

Butler Community College is gearing up for the state-wide launch of the Kansas Promise Scholarship this coming fall. The $10 million Kansas Promise Scholarship Act was signed by Governor Laura Kelly on April 23, 2021. The revolutionary program provides last dollar assistance for tuition, fees and books for qualifying Kansans studying select career areas at the state’s community and technical colleges.

Called the ‘Last Dollar’ Scholarship, when other scholarships and grants do not cover the costs owed on tuition, fees or books, the Kansas Promise Scholarship makes up the difference. Promise Act funding may be used for various Career and Technical Education, CTE, certificates or two-year degrees.

The specific CTE categories which qualify for Promise Act funding have been identified by state legislators within the areas of: Information Technology and Security, Mental and Physical Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing and Building Trades, and Early Childhood Education. In addition, each college may select one additional area. Qualifying program areas from all community and technical colleges are currently pending approval by the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR).

“This is an amazing opportunity for Kansans,” said Kim Krull, Ph.D., president of Butler Community College. “I know our faculty and staff across all of our multiple locations are ready to assist students so they may take full advantage of this opportunity. This can be a life-changing opportunity for students.”

The Kansas Promise Act is designed to benefit Kansans who have graduated high school in the last 12 months, or adults aged 21 or older who have lived in Kansas for three or more consecutive years. Some military dependents are also eligible. New and current students must be in one of the eligible program tracks and enrolled in at least six credit hours to receive the last dollar scholarship for the amount owed.

To learn more about eligibility, eligible Butler programs, and the application process visit www.butlercc.edu/promiseact.