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Butler Foundation Receives $25,000 Gift from AT&T Foundation

AT&T Foundation presents check to Butler Community College Foundation for scholarships at Butler of Andover campus.
AT&T Foundation presents check to Butler Community College Foundation for scholarships at Butler of Andover campus. Pictured left to right: Mel Whiteside, Dean of STEM; Dr. Tom Nevill, Vice President of Academics; Dr. Kim Krull, President; Darin Miller, Area Manager – External Affairs for AT&T; Senator Mike Fagg
Published: Thursday, October 21st, 2021

Donation Supports Technology-Related Scholarships for students majoring in Digital Media or Information Technology

The AT&T Foundation is donating $25,000 to the Butler Community College Foundation, which administers more than $1 million annually in scholarships to over 700 students. The purpose of this donation is to support scholarships for low-income students pursuing degrees in Digital Media or Information Technology.

“We are pleased to support the Butler Community College Foundation to assist students with the resources they need to continue learning,” said Molly Kocour Boyle, president of AT&T Kansas. “We know the COVID-19 pandemic amplified the need for scholarships for Butler Community College students and we are proud to be part of the Foundation’s work to support them.” 

Many students who were not able to work during the pandemic depended on scholarships from the Foundation to sustain their needs and keep them enrolled in classes. Scholarship dollars help students pay for books and tuition/fees first. The funds can then be released to the student for their needs regarding transportation, supplies, food, and more.

As an institution, Butler enrolls a significant percentage of students who are the first in their family to attend college. The ACT-Faces of the Future Survey (2021) indicates that 36% of first-generation college students are members of a minority and low-income community. Scholarships for technology and media students at Butler will help low-income students bear the cost of college. For many students who balance school, work, and family life, scholarships make attending college a possibility. 

“Scholarships are the most impactful way to help students complete their education goals while managing the many hurdles that they have in front of them. We are so grateful to the AT&T Foundation for this immense contribution to our students – an impact that will allow them to finish what they start at Butler,” said Tom Borrego, Vice President of Advancement.