Industry expert Todd Williams joins Butler to lead Diesel Tech program | Butler Community College

Industry expert Todd Williams joins Butler to lead Diesel Tech program

Butler Community College named industry expert Todd Williams as Lead Instructor
Published: Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

Diesel industry partners donate equipment to initiate diesel program

The new Diesel Technology program began last August at Butler Community College in El Dorado within a newly renovated area. Butler now offers a two-year degree and a one-year certificate in the field.  

Todd Williams also joined Butler as lead instructor for Diesel Technology. He is a passionate mechanic/technician who has vast experience in the field and is now ready to pass on his knowledge to future diesel technicians.  

Butler launched the program due to demands by industry.  

“Their support of this program has been phenomenal. All our industry partners are willing to come and spend time with our students. It shows the great need for technicians and the care these companies take to ensure our students are trained correctly for a safe and productive work environment,” Williams said.

With donations and help from Butler's industry partners, Foley Industries, Jet Diesel, Truck Center Companies, Dustrol Inc, Wildcat Construction, and others, Butler students have an opportunity to learn and work with a variety of heavy equipment such as semitrucks and earthmovers. For example, Dustrol donated a semitruck rolling chassis and some hydraulic components, Truck Center donated a Detroit Engine, Foley has donated an engine and transmission, and Wildcat Construction has supplied additional components. In addition, Wildcat, Dustrol, Jet Diesel and others have offered to spend time performing diagnostics in the classroom with students. Doug King of Wildcat is planning to demonstrate a pre-trip, post-trip and KDOT inspection for semitrucks with students this spring.   

“The current job market for this field is fantastic with huge job opportunities,” said Williams. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the need for 280,000 diesel technicians between 2016 and 2026.

Williams is a Kansas native and has been in Northeast Kansas his whole life. He developed his passion for mechanics while growing up in his father’s mechanic shop. After finishing high school, he entered the technical workforce immediately. He has more than 20 years of mechanic/technician experience.  

Williams said his field experience helped him adapt and overcome as a one-man technician to diagnose and repair numerous and varied equipment issues for customers. These real-life experiences will benefit students in Butler’s diesel program.  

"This program will get students into the diesel industry. Once they step inside leading industries specializing in on-road and off-road equipment, their career will begin and grow, all built on the knowledge and experience they gained from Butler," said Williams.

Butler’s Diesel curriculum provides the fundamentals and places a strong emphasis on workplace safety. Williams plans to establish internships for each student for in-the-field exposure. His goal is to provide the entry-level knowledge and hands-on experience necessary for students to meet what employers need. Students will experience the ins and outs of engines, hydraulics, differentials, brakes and other components during the program.

“I adapt my teaching as the industry changes to meet employers' needs,” Williams said. “So, our students will have different things to learn every day and they’ll learn to communicate what is going on with their machines."

Companies interested in establishing an internship with Butler’s Diesel Technology may contact Todd Williams at 316-232-6890 or email