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Butler Community College to Update Phone System

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Published: Friday, September 23rd, 2022

Butler Community College Switches to Microsoft Teams.

Butler Community College’s phone system was 10 years old. It had become outdated, and the IT department knew the college needed an update. With staff already working from home because of the pandemic, they decided there was no better time to investigate a cloud-based alternative. After conducting research, Butler selected Microsoft Teams. The software allows employees to communicate using voice, video or instant messaging and can be used on  personal computers or smartphones. Instead of Butler purchasing 615 new desk phones,  the college only needed to purchase 75 new Poly and Yealink Microsoft Teams phones for head office areas. 

Butler chose Microsoft Teams because of its collaboration  and accessibility features. Students can now call or message teachers at any time of  day. Microsoft teams is easy for anyone to set up because Butler is already using Microsoft 365 for all its communications.  

Another great collaboration feature is group chats. Classes can now get on a call together and work on group projects. Staff can also hold meetings from any location and communicate directly from their smartphones.  

Butler’s IT Department worked for more than two months to move all 1,200 employees over to Teams in early 2022. With the pandemic, our staff was working from home. Not everyone could get their hands on desk phones, especially if they had no service. Every day, the college trained around 30 users on Teams. Today,  almost every employee uses Teams.