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Butler Community College Honors Fall 2023 Nursing Graduates

Butler's BSN graduates gather together before the pinning ceremony.
KU BSN graduates. Front (L-R): Sam Werth, Caroline Legleiter, Miranda Gage, Joan Rosa Rodriguez and Aspen Pope. Rear (L-R): Joshua Lewis Paul, Dang Khoa (John) Tran, Harper Hedrick, Jaycie Layne Bruckner and Paige Brieanne Fisher. (Photo Credit: Rodney Dimick)
Published: Thursday, January 11th, 2024

Butler Ushers 64 Students into the Nursing Community with Faculty, Friends and Family Present

Butler Community College nursing students gathered with family and friends at the El Dorado Performing Arts Center for the Fall 2023 Nurses Pinning Ceremony on Thursday, December 14, 2023. 

Janet Schueller, Associate Dean of Health, Education and Public Services, greeted the graduates saying, “I want you all to know that you’ve met the challenge, you’ve met the standard, and you are ready for your next challenge. This ceremony signifies your official passage into the profession of nursing.” 

“You achieved a huge milestone today, we know. We know what it takes. You’ve juggled finances, you’ve commuted, you’ve studied long, hard hours for your tests and for your clinicals. You’ve probably missed some of your children’s school activities. All those kinds of things have gone into where you’ve gotten to tonight,” President Krull said before inviting the purple clad graduates to stand and express gratitude to their loved ones.  

Class President Justin Johnson of Wichita thanked his wife during his speech, noting her support while he pursued his educational goals. “I have sweat, stressed and experienced the highs and the lows with these people,” Johnson said. 

Graduate Joan Rosa Rodriguez of Wichita and Professor Tonya Loveland each received DAISY Awards at the ceremony. The DAISY Award is a recognition presented in partnership with the DAISY Foundation celebrating and recognizing excellence in nursing. Beginning in the spring of 2023, one Butler one student and one faculty member receive the award each semester. 

Ten graduates received their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from the University of Kansas (KU) in addition to their Associate Degree in Nursing from Butler. This distinction is made possible by an ongoing partnership between KU and Butler that allows students to learn on campus at Butler via face-to-face instruction while simultaneously taking KU courses online. 

Veronica Castillo
Hannah McCurdy
Miranda Valdez 

Destiny Nichols 

Harper Hedrick (KU BSN Graduate) 

Matthew A. Crowe
Miranda Gage (KU BSN Graduate) 
Caroline Legleiter (KU BSN Graduate)
Kayleigh Owens 

Paula Dulohery 
Traci Rosendale 

El Dorado
Natalie Baker 
Alyssa Bump 
Paige Fisher (KU BSN Graduate) 
Jon Patterson 

Willow Willingham 

Hannah Emmons 

Kayla Adams 

Jenna Schneider 

Park City
Sara Frikken 
Coraima Gomez 

Jacquelyn McMichael 
Ryli Dawn Nguyen 

Jillian Faye Wiley 

Dang Khoa Tran (KU BSN Graduate / Class Vice President) 
Moshawn Amerson 
Daja Baldorf 
Samantha Borsdorf-Kirkendoll  
Jaycie Bruckner (KU BSN Graduate / Daisy Nominee) 
Lydiah Chepkorir  
Alice J. Chesiny  
Latosha Coleman  
Shannon C. Davis  
Anne Elliott  
Alyssa Espinoza  
Emily Flax  
Kailey Foxworthy  
Rebecca Frazier  
Paden Green  
Leslie Heird  
Allison Johnson 
Justin Johnson (Class President) 
Ashley R. Jordan  
Priscilla King  
Kaleigh Knight  
Tracy Muhoya  
Joshua Paul (KU BSN Graduate) 
Varounupha Phomvongsa  
Aspen Pope (KU BSN Graduate) 
Jenna S. Randolph  
Arubhuti Rijal  
Joan Rodriguez (KU BSN Graduate / Daisy Award Winner) 
Evan Ruckle  
Matlin Skinner  
Josh Sokolak  
Shelbie Storrer  
Bobby Sue Treat  
Erin Tucker  
Lauren Tucker  
Julia Wagle  
Ceyaira Washington  
Sam Werth (KU BSN Graduate) 
Austin Yon  

Jessica Golightley 

Daisy Award Faculty
Tonya Loveland (Winner) 
Susan Shelley (Nominee) 
Charlotte White (Nominee)