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Mother, Daughter Make Nursing a Family Affair

Mother daughter nursing students
Published: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Mothers and daughters often do a lot together, but what if they both learned how to care for and take care of patients at a medical facility?

For mother and daughter duo, Erin and Brittani Richardson of Wichita, this is their reality.

“It's the best feeling ever,” said daughter Brittani. “[My mom] stays up late with me and wakes up early to help me study. What one person can't remember usually the other one knows. I was really scared at first because I was only 18 and fresh out of high school. How many people get to have their mommy walk them to class on their first day of nursing school?”

Brittani is just finishing up her first semester in the Butler Community College nursing program, while mom Erin, is finishing up just three semesters ahead of her. Brittani added that it was scary at first but with her mom there with her, it gives her peace of mind and lifts a huge weight off her shoulders.

“I am delighted that my daughter also chose to pursue a nursing career,” said Erin. “It has been a shared experience that both of us have benefited from. It has created a great connection for us. I loved seeing her in the hallways of the 1500 building and I enjoy being able to support her through the program and assist her with assignments and studying.”

The Richardsons are not the first in their family to be involved in the medical field. Erin’s grandmother and three aunts are also nurses and she says their stories were always intriguing and it was sparked her interest in the career. Brittani says she has always felt like nursing was her calling. After she acquired her CNA license, she fell more and more in love with the profession.

Besides enjoying a supportive environment outside of the classroom and at home, Erin and Brittani have found support in the classroom as well.

“The staff at Butler definitely cares about the success of their students. The nursing professors are always available to assist you and answer your questions,” said Erin.

“It's very easy to tell the staff cares about you and your success. They sit down with you and help you identify your strengths and weakness and help you develop a plan on what you can do to better yourself,” added Brittani.

Brittani and Erin have found a home at Butler where they can continue toward their goal of becoming nurses. And while the nursing field can be challenging, the Richardsons have learned having your mother or daughter right by your side makes the journey a little less scary.