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Butler Recognizes December 2015 Nursing Graduates

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Published: Friday, December 11th, 2015

Butler Community College recognized 61 nursing graduates Thursday evening during its December 2015 Pinning Ceremony.

The December 10 event was held at Butler’s campus in El Dorado.

The ceremony included a welcome by Anita Mills, MSN, dean of Butler’s Nursing program, and greetings from Ken Bohon, Butler Board of Trustees, Dr. Kimberly Krull, President of Butler Community College, and Dr. Karla Fisher, Vice-President of Academic Affairs.

Mitch Taylor, lead nursing professor for third semester, was the evening’s keynote speaker. After sharing medical information that only the nursing graduates knew to laugh at, Taylor offered four bits of advice to the graduating class: “don’t fear mistakes,” “be passionate about your work and work hard,” “be kind to the one who is not to you,” and “have fun.” He offered his final tip as he removed his suit coat and unbuttoned his dress shirt to expose a Superman T-shirt.

“Laugh and enjoy your laugh,” he emphasized. Laughter swelled from the class. 

Robert Bailey of Wichita and class president also took the podium. During his address, he commented he was more than twice the age of his fellow classmates. Bailey delivered an energetic speech encouraging his classmates to be resilient, smart, proponents for positive change, and always the patient advocate.

He then addressed those attending, “If you ever want to meet the most caring and genuine people. . . then sign up and go to Butler’s nursing program.” He credited Butler’s nursing faculty as being “the most caring and sincere friends I’ve ever met.”

Besides receiving their graduate nursing pens, some graduates were also recognized by members of the American Red Cross Central Plains Division for volunteer efforts, as well as by Butler for participating in a new mentoring program which enabled third and fourth semester nursing students to mentor first and second semester nursing students.

Pinning Graduates December 2015 and Hometowns

Andover, Ks.
^Samantha Acevedo
Tricia Erickson
^Gary Pfanenstiel

Augusta, Ks.
*Carrie Cunningham
^Jonelle Lamb
Alisha Warner

Bel Aire, Ks.
Renee’ Blankenship
Lisa Tillman
Veronica Tripp

Cottonwood Falls, Ks.
Ashley Brines

Derby, Ks.
^LeAnn Hoover, class vice president
Lauren Morrow
Lauren Perdue
^Amber Philbrick

Douglass, Ks.
*Kimberly Chamberlin
Wendy Linot

El Dorado, Ks.
Keri Gagnon
Cereasa Killgore
Hayley McVay
*Sarah Owens
Amanda Riddle
Shawndra Tosh

Elmdale, Ks.
Heather Wells

Haysville, Ks.
Trisha Archer

Hillsboro, Ks.
Paula Wiebe

Mulvane, Ks.
Tracy Jones

Newton, Ks.
Wendy Gong

Park  City,  Ks.
Brittani Armstrong
Cathryn Lemley

Valley Center, Ks.
*Michele Green

Wichita, Ks.
*^Robert Bailey, Class President, Butler Student Nurses Association Treasurer,
Jessica Bienek
*Kendra Bingham
^Jenifer Brewer
Sheldon Burgardt
Danielle Davis
Keri Dimit
John Gatson
*Brandy Gotthard
Amber Gude
Miranda Hendricks
Gary Hernandez
Alexandra Jones
Hannah Jones
Holly King
Katie Koontz
Marcus Loring
Malia Moman
Rolex Mudibo
Mary Muriithi
Kendria Nyang
Tanya Reed
*Erin Richardson
Kelsi Rutledge
Margo Sarenfors
Rachael Schoonover
Jessica Stanley
Anjelica Thompson
Noel Vela
Brandon Williams
Britnee Winfield

*American Red Cross Volunteer
^Butler nursing mentor