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Liberal Arts

Chemistry students during a chemistry class at Butler Community College near Wichita, Kansas

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When you major in liberal arts at Butler, you open doors to many possibilities at an affordable cost. In this broad range of courses, from biology to psychology to history and more, you will learn a large breath of understanding. If your course of study falls primarily in the math and sciences, you will earn an Associate of Science degree (AS), and if your study falls toward the humanities, you will earn an Associate of Arts degree (AA). With an associate degree and this new perspective, you can transfer to a bachelor’s degree program and choose a specific major.

Take your general education courses, along with a variety of multi-disciplinary classes, and build a Liberal Arts degree. Whether you want to obtain an associate of science or associate of arts degree, you’re able to focus on science or humanities classes and then transfer to a four-year program where you can declare a more specific major.

By studying this well-rounded curriculum that focuses on active participation, you are using your critical thinking skills to propel you to a wide-breath of understanding.  Integrate knowledge from several different disciplines and take the next step in your journey to a bachelor’s degree. By earning these credits at Butler, for a fraction of the cost of a four-year college, you are taking smart steps for your financial future.

See an advisor and work out an affordable four-semester program that is right for you!

Classes You Take

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