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University Guest Students Save Thousands at Butler Community College

Supplement your Bachelor's degree with credits from Butler

Want to get ahead in your college coursework while saving big? Join other university students who are taking advantage of the great options available exclusively at Butler Community College.

Butler Community College offers Unmatched value for guest students. Save thousands of dollars earning the same credit in classes at Butler!Each semester, four-year college students select Butler to help complete their bachelor degree coursework. By choosing Butler, you keep moving forward to earn your degree while saving lots of money on tuition.

Save Thousands with Smart Options

Butler offers affordable tuition for University guest students, which means that you can earn the same credits as your university classmates for a fraction of the cost. The estimated tuition and fees you will pay at Butler are only $363 per course (3 credits). The same credit at the six state universities in Kansas cost $835.29 on average and at private Kansas universities the average cost is $3,025.30. The math is clear. By taking some of your courses here, you can save thousands of dollars compared to freshman and sophomore years at most four-year colleges and universities.

Online Learning Leaders Since 1998

Take your classes 100% online, with support from a caring faculty and staff invested in your success. Butler has been teaching online for more than 20 years. We have a whole system of professionals and instructors that brings innovation to the virtual classroom.

Incredible Flexibility & Unbeatable Options

Butler's general education courses transfer easily to any institution in Kansas, and classes are offered at a variety of start dates. Learn more about the course transfer list. Our advisors can help ensure you will be earning qualified transfer credits for your home university, so you can transfer without missing a beat.

Ready to get started?

The quickest way to find the classes you need is to search our Interactive Class Schedule.

As an open access institution, just apply now, and follow the enrollment checklist for Guest Students. Congratulations, you're spending less and still on your way to finishing your bachelor’s degree!

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