About Philosophy

About Philosophy & Religion

Changing the world begins with knowing and changing yourself. 

The quest for the good life is increasingly problematic as the dangers facing us in the twenty-first century reach critical mass.  Where do you begin in view of the urgent demand to create conditions that sustain both the earth and its inhabitants?  One path in the search for these answers is religion, which is based on faith.  The other path, based on reason, is philosophy, and both begin with the non-negotiable necessity to know oneself.

The ability to think critically about problems and their solutions is a skill that many employers are demanding today. As the world advances technologically, the complexities of modern life only increase as does the need for people who have the intellectual capacity to decipher and manage that complexity. The study of philosophy has always been an effective whetstone on which those skills can be finely honed. Butler is pleased to be one of a relatively few community colleges that offer Associate’s degrees in the field.

Exposure to the full diversity of cultures and belief systems impresses upon you the need to develop a cross-cultural awareness, understanding, and a global perspective.  Butler’s program in religion gives you the opportunity to engage in an objective study of the major living religions of the world through an examination of their origins, the social and geographical environments from which they emerged, their historical development, literature, and their principal tenets and practices.