Teaching and Learning Facilities

At Butler, you can enjoy professional–quality facilities and equipment on the El Dorado campus.

Computer Lab/Newspaper Production Room – Available to all Mass Communication students, you have exclusive use of a 12 station computer lab with Adobe InDesign CS5 in addition to general programs like MS Word. This production room is the heart of our student newspaper. Here you will have staff meetings, receive criticism from editors, research articles in previous editions of the newspaper, and occasionally hang out.

Magazine Production/Meeting Room – In this production room, you will interact with your fellow students during staff meetings in a comfortable environment. At times a quiet place to write, at others a place to grab a quick snack, the Magazine Room will become a home away from home. Meetings among other student media staff also take place in this room.

Video Editing Lab – The AVID Video Editing Lab consists of 12 student stations, a master station with large HDTV monitor and a self–contained server. The Video Editing Lab supports courses in video editing and all student video projects. AVID software is used in an overwhelming majority of professional settings in the television, video and film industries.

Television Studio – The production floor of Butler Television contains three studio cameras with teleprompters, a boom camera for overhead shots, full lighting grid and Chromakey screens for virtual sets. Our magazine feature show (Campus Edge), studio portions of our skit/comedy show (McGrizzlies), athletic interview shows and special student projects are all shot here.

Television Control Room/BCTV Headend – The Control Room for Butler Television‘s studio is based around a TriCaster "studio in a box." Separate audio, live title, commercial playback, teleprompter control and lighting control stations support the switching and playback capabilities of the TriCaster. The TriCaster also allows for computer–generated sets using our blue and green screen studio. In addition, the Control Room contains the automation/control equipment for BCTV 20 automated programming.

Radio Studios - main on-air studio with space for a DJ and three guests. Butler Radio‘s computer system supports both live DJ shows as well as automated programming; DJ‘s also have access to playback equipment, social media, remote and telephone lines for live shows. Studio B contains our news production station (including telephone line for interviews and two microphones for live interviews), an off-line DJ training station and room for panel discussion shows. Studio B has also been used to produce Radio Theatre–style comedy programming. The Butler Radio suite has a reception area displaying some of our awards and seating for students to just hang out.

Audio Editing Labs – Butler has a total of four audio editing stations with Audacity and Pro Tools software located in the Butler Radio suite. These stations can be used for classes, radio station projects and independent student projects. Students also have access to a 16-track recording unit with specialized microphones and computer interface.

Audio/Video Field Equipment – Newspaper and magazine staff use Canon Rebel digital cameras and digital audio recorders. Two and four track digital audio recorders are available to audio students, while video students use JVC professional cameras capable of HD and 4K recording. Depending on the video project, tripods, wired and wireless microphones, lighting kits, GoPro cameras, remote broadcast kits and portable Chromakey backgrounds are available.