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Online Course Format

Online Course FAQ

Below you'll find the answers to the questions we are asked the most about online courses at Butler. Have more questions? Just reach out to our team at 316.323.6000 or

Are Butler Online courses open entry/open exit?

No, both online courses and blended courses are subject to the school calendar. Although the course materials can be accessed at the student's convenience, there are deadlines and due dates for assignments and tests throughout the term. Each course has definite start and stop dates. Online students are expected to log on to their courses during the first week of classes and continue active participation throughout the semester.

Do online courses have class meetings?

There are two formats for Butler Online courses: online and blended. An online course has no required on-campus visits. However, all instructors have the option to require proctored or on-site testing. A blended course has required on-campus visits throughout the semester. These required meetings provide opportunities for labs, learning activities, and performance outcomes that are not feasible in an online environment. Check the online schedule and blended schedule for specific information about on-site requirements for each course.

How do I take tests?

The individual instructors design the assessment process for their courses. Some require tests to administered in a proctored environment while others post the exams online and do not require a proctored environment. Students outside a 60-mile radius of a Butler site can make arrangements to take exams with a Butler-approved proctor.