Math Lab

Welcome to the Math Lab!

Tutoring will begin the week of August 22nd

Butler offers free math tutoring with professional math tutors and math faculty, in addition to tutoring with experienced MA peer tutors. We work with the Tutoring lab to offer advanced math tutoring for our students. Below are the locations of the Math Lab on Butler’s main campuses and for the Virtual Math Lab!

Butler of El Dorado Math Lab:

Location: Building 1500, Rm 15-126 Professional Math Tutor: Betty Taylor (

Math Lab phone: (316) 322-3398

Math Lab Hours:


M-Th 8-4:30

F 8-2


Butler of Andover Math Lab:

Location: Building 5000, Rm 5200 Professional Math Tutor: Mark McNemee (

Math Lab phone: (316) 322-3199


M-Th 8-8

F 9-2

Online Bookings Available

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