Third Party Contracts

To ensure the most efficient enrollment of your employee/client, a voucher, list, or authorization letter from your company or organization is required. The voucher, list or authorization letter must arrive in the Accounts Receivable office on company letterhead no later than the last day to pay for the current semester. The approved amount of tuition/fees, books, and supplies that will be covered, must be stated clearly on the letterhead along with the mailing address, contact person and telephone number. Please send this information to:

Butler Community College
Accounts Receivable
Attn: 3rd Party Billing
1810 N. Andover Rd.
Andover, KS 67002 


In no instance will a student be able to defer payment without completed paperwork.


Butler will invoice for the authorized tuition/fees, books, and supplies after the final refundable withdrawal date, but in no case later than the last day of the term for which payment is being made.


Invoices for each student will have the name, Social Security Number, and an itemization of the charges allowed unless we are requested to bill items separately. If the company does not have a tax-exemption certificate on file, tax will be charged on books and supplies.


If schedule changes lower the amount due, the refund will be sent to the sponsoring company or organization. If schedule changes increase the amount due, a second bill will be issued for the outstanding charges. Approval of the change must be confirmed by the authorization/voucher or the student may be responsible for additional charges.






Mel Arnold
Account Receivable, Andover Assistant Director 
Phone: 316.218.6201
Fax: 316.218.6100