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Culinary Arts Pathway

Culinary Arts Pathway Course Track

Classes Every Culinary Arts Pathway Student Will Take

Semester 1  
HM101 Sanitation Management 1
BA104 Information Processing Systems 3
SP100 Public Speaking 3
CA120 *Professional Culinary Skills I 3
CA151 Kitchen Essentials/Culinary Math 3
CA109 Culinary Nutrition 3
PD114 Early College Academy I  1
  Total: 17
Semester 2  
BS160 General Psychology 3
CA220 *Professional Culinary Skills II 3
CA130 *Professional Baking Skills 3
HM190 Food & Beverage Management  3
HM180 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism 3
PD115  Early College Academy II (Online) 1
  Total: 16
Semester 3  
CA232 *Cuisines of Asia 3
MA135 College Algebra 3
EG101 English Comp I 3
CA153 Essentials of Purchasing 3
CA235 *Cuisines of America    3
PD214 Early College Academy III (Online) 1
  Total: 16 
Semester 4  
CA231 *Garde Manger 3
CA152 Menu Development 3
FL130 Survival Spanish 3
CA234 *Cuisines of Southern Europe 3
CA223 *Cuisines of Northern Europe 3
PD215 Early College Academy IV (Online) 1
  Total: 16
Total Degree Pathway Credit Hours 60

*Courses taught in kitchen lab

Augusta High School - USD 402

Must test into MA114, EG101



Lisa Bolin
Butler of Andover, 9100 Building
110 E 21st St
Andover, KS 67002

Niomi Thompson
316.218.6157 (Office)
Butler of Andover, 5000 Building
715 E 13th St
Andover, KS 67002