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Internship Program

Internship Program

Butler Community College proudly offers online internship classes to all interested students, recognizing internships as significant learning experiences and valuable growth opportunities. Internships include specific learning objectives (goals) to help students gain industry knowledge, skills, on-the-job experience, and build relationships in their career field. Companies that hire interns also benefit by bringing in fresh perspectives and often value the time with the student as an employment “trial run”, helping them find new employees that meet their needs and fit within their culture.

Internship Programs for College Credit

Students interested in an internship class need to have a position related to their major secured prior to enrolling in the internship class. It can be a position where they currently work (if applicable) or a new position, and can be paid or unpaid. Each 8-week internship course contains:
1) Online course work to develop general work skills.
2) Establishing learning objectives (goals) to be accomplished during the internship.  
3) Documenting work hours (IP192 is 50 work hours for 1 credit hour, IP193 is for 100 work hours for 2 credit hours, and IP194 is for 150 work hours for 3 credit hours).

See below for information regarding students that need help securing their internship before enrolling in the internship course.

Students currently employed in his/her area of study may enroll in one of the internship courses with no prerequisite. Students employed in a field unrelated to their major can work with the instructor and their supervisor to determine if their current position can be adjusted to allow for experiences and opportunities related to their major.

Need help obtaining an internship?

Students that need help securing an internship should either enroll in the 1-credit, 4-week online IP100 Career Readiness course, or work directly with Butler’s Career Services department to obtain an internship. IP100 is designed to help the student create/update their resume, practice interviewing skills, and pursue career leads and opportunities provided to the student by Butler’s Career Services Department.

Internship Program

Handshake:  Butler is excited to use a tool called Handshake to help all of our students find internships and employment after graduation. Handshake helps students access employment across the globe by providing 3.5 million job and internship opportunities in every industry. Students can post their resume, and apply for jobs and internships in one centralized location. Please contact Career Services for more information.

Want to find out more about Internships?  

Contact Connie Belden, Internship Chair, at or 316-323-6218

Non-Credit Kansas Micro-Internships Program Through Parker Dewey

Students enrolled in a two or four-year public college in Kansas can be selected to work for Micro-Internship opportunities.  Through Micro-Internships, students can demonstrate their skills, explore career paths, and develop their professional networks.   These are paid opportunities, but college course credit is NOT available for Micro-Internships.  These are short term projects (usually 5 to 10 hours) and students can apply for work-based projects in their area of interest.  Students can apply and may be selected for multiple Micro-Internships. 

These opportunities are coordinated through Parker Dewey. 

To apply:

  1. Complete the Agile Work Profiler and upload a PDF of your results into the Documents section of your Parker Dewey profile.
  2. Create your account on Parker Dewey. Be sure to add Kansas Micro-Internship Program to your profile in the Affiliations section.
  3. Apply to all projects that interest you.