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How College Differs from High School

How College is Different from High School for
Students with Disabilities

High School


High schools provide supports in order for the student to do well in school.

ADA assures that students with disabilities have the supports that they need in order to access everything that the college has to offer.

Teachers must change the material so you can better understand it.

Professors don’t have to change the material but they do have to provide students with accommodations determined by disability services.

School district is responsible for evaluating students’ learning and reporting disability to teachers.

Students must start conversation about their disability if they want to request accommodations.

Student is helped by parents and teachers.

Students must get help from the Disability Services Office.

Personal care services (assistance in getting to class, lunch or toileting) are required.

The college is not responsible for providing these services. It is up to you to find help.

Parent has access to student records.

Parent has no access to student records without student permission.

Parent advocates for student.

Student advocates for him or herself.

Daily contact with teachers.

Classes meet less frequently so you will see your instructors less frequently. You may have to make appointments to see your instructors after class time or email questions to them.

Teachers make sure that students get extra help.

Student must schedule time to get the extra help they need.

Teachers tell students where to go to get the help they need.

The student is responsible for knowing where to get the information and assistance.

Teachers often remind you of assignments and due dates.

Professors expect you to read the course syllabus. They do not remind you of upcoming due dates.

Adapted from "Think College", 2010