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Call for Proposals and Participation

Conference Theme--“Models of Success:  Placement, Results, and Support”

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Call for Proposals opens October 1, 2018.

Deadline: January 4, 2019.


Program Report

Participants have the opportunity to share about the progress & results of their developmental program redesigns during lunch on Friday, Feb. 22. Those giving program reports will have a 5-minute window to share on the microphone during our large-group lunch. Tables will be available for display of any program materials, as well. All colleges in attendance are encouraged to participate. No abstract is required.



 A roundtable is a 30-minute, informal session on developmental education perspectives or theories, data, evidence, or resources, and conclusions or implications for practitioners in the field.  No audio-visual equipment will be supplied, but handouts are encouraged (8 participants per roundtable session and 2 sessions). An abstract is required.

Concurrent Presentation

A concurrent presentation is a one-hour session that integrates a full presentation of information, research, and/or experience in developmental education with audience participation on a professional level. For example, a concurrent presentation on high engagement pedagogy in developmental writing instruction might combine the explanation of high engagement theory and techniques with self-reported student outcomes, and culminate with audience members trying and commenting on the techniques. Audio-visual equipment will be supplied; needs must be specified (30 participants per session). An abstract is required.