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Patient Care Pathway

The fast lane to a position on an acute care team.

If you want to work in support of nurses and other healthcare professionals in a hospital or other acute care setting, adding a Patient Care Pathways Certificate to your training as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) will qualify you for those career opportunities.

Our program is streamlined to enable you to start working as a patient care assistant or nurse aide tech with less than 10 credit hours (in addition to the five credits required for CNA certification). You learn how to provide cardiac life support, explore a variety of acute conditions and related therapies, and gain an appreciation for your legal and ethical responsibilities as a caregiver. You'll also benefit from supervised training experiences in real clinical environments.

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Required Courses

Course Title (CRN) Hours 
 Nurse Aide (AH 122) 5
 Basic Life Support for Health Care Professionals (AH 130) 0.5 
Health Professions Medical Terminology (AH 201)

Estimated Tuition for Patient Care Pathway: $1,815**

Tuition Total: $1,390.50
Student Fees Total: $364.5
Course Fees Total: $60

**This includes two years of tuition and student fees based on being a Kansas Resident and taking 65 credit hours. Registration fee of $15 each semester not included. Technology Access Charge not included. Housing and meal plans not included. Fees may vary depending on specific electives.

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Patient Care Pathways

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