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Academic Plan Timeline

July 2022

Framework for the 2022-2027 Academic Plan (AP27) was developed through the work of the Vice President of Academics office and the Academic Deans Council.

August 2022

The launch of the Academic Plan (AP27) was announced at the Fall 2022 Professional Development Days (PDD).

Fall 2022 Term

During the Fall 2022 term, the established committees will gather feedback from all stakeholders through a variety of platforms to include: town halls, division meetings, web portal, advisory meetings, surveys, etc.

September 23, 2022 - Town Hall (Andover Campus & Zoom) 11:00am
Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences - Grizzly Den 
Fine Arts & Communications - 5347
Health, Education & Public Services - 5355
Math & Science - 5357
Career & Technical Education - 5359 

October 21, 2022 - Town Hall (El Dorado Campus & Zoom) 1:00pm
Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences - 200 Bldg Lecture Hall 
Fine Arts & Communications - 2000 Bldg Clifford Stone Room
Health, Education & Public Services - 1500 Bldg Rm 229
Math & Science - 2000 Bldg Rm 20006-07
Career & Technical Education - 2000 Bldg Rm 20008-09

Spring 2023

An updated report on the Academic Plan (AP27) will be shared at the Spring 2022 Professional Development Days (PDD). 


  • It should be aspirational, yet helpful in prioritizing Academics initiatives.
  • Everything we do is important, but not everything is a priority. Even if something is not in AP27 it does not mean it will be eliminated.
  • AP27 must remain a living entity; evaluated and adjusted over time as needed.
  • AP27 will be used to inform and set priorities for future budgets. It is not intended, however, as a place to request additional funds for current operations.