Academic Plan Committees | Butler Community College

Academic Plan Committees

Committee Co-Chairs

Fine Arts & Communications

  • Valerie Haring, Interim Dean 
  • Shannon Herbert, Academic Advisor
  • Calli Tipton, Educational Technology Specialist

Health, Education & Public Service

  • Dr. Julio Guerrero, Dean
  • Beth Marteney, Academic Advisor
  • Haylee Dass, Director of Educational Technology

Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Dr. Susan Bradley, Dean
  • Deb Reynolds, Academic Advisor
  • Cameron Gutierrez, Educational Technology Specialist

Math & Science (STEM) 

  • Shannon Covert, Associate Dean
  • Jamie Williams, Academic Advisor
  • Brian Dye, Assistant Director of Educational Technology

Career & Technical Education (STEM)

  • Mel Whiteside, Dean
  • Aaron Slemp, Academic Advisor
  • Hilary Green, Educational Technology Instructional Designer


Every committee will gather input from all possible stakeholders and will assess: 

  • Alignment with the College's Strategic Priorities 
  • Scale (number of students impacted by each initiative)
  • Projected results (increases in student access, persistence, completion, transfer, employment, and learning)
  • Evidence of viability (sustainability) 
  • Innovation