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Two Siblings Open Thriving Business

dwight and paige round
Published: Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

A Degree from Butler Propels Two Siblings to Open Thriving Business

If you told Paige Rounds and Dwight Rounds that someday they would be working together and running a flourishing company of their own, these siblings would have been surprised. After high school, these El Dorado natives headed off in different directions. Paige attended Butler Community College, and Dwight joined the U.S. Air Force.

After graduating from Butler, Paige obtained a bachelor’s degree in business management from Wichita State University. She headed into the workforce, but she always had a nagging feeling that she wanted to work on her own. 

Dwight became a flying crew chief, but eventually retired and headed back to El Dorado. He realized that he too wanted to major in business and began the entrepreneurship program at Butler. Paige approached her brother with a prospect – to open a business together. They did a lot of research and settled on MaidPro – a cleaning franchise.

While working on his entrepreneurship certificate, Dwight used his real-world job for projects. In an accounting course, he learned about balance sheets and financial reports. In another course, he created a marketing plan.

“I got to write papers about our business,” Dwight said. “My teacher reviewed my business plan. It was wonderful. I think it helped steer us in the right direction.”

Since no other MaidPro’s are in the area, the siblings were free to research what they thought would be the best location. They used skills they learned at college and chose to locate their office at Tyler Road and 21st Street. Dwight drives in from Leon, and Paige commutes from El Dorado. They enjoy the commute, but most of all they love the business.

“You really have to have the attitude of customer service,” Paige said. “Our grandparents and parents owned their own business.”

The Rounds’ are always busy. Their business sense turned their plans into a success. Dwight decided to earn a two-year business degree at Butler and hopes to eventually obtain a bachelor’s degree as well.

“Butler went a long way in helping me feel comfortable with customer service,” Dwight said. “It was wonderful speaking with Jared McGinley (his instructor) after class and bouncing ideas off of him. I’m also looking forward to my second accounting class.”

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