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Associate in Arts (AA) Degree Requirements

The Associate in Arts degree is designed to prepare students for transfer with advanced standing into university Bachelor in Arts programs. The courses are equivalent to lower-division courses offered at Kansas Regents' universities. Developmental courses cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements. See Additional Degree and Graduation Requirements.
The Associate in Arts degree will be awarded upon completion of a program of study not less than sixty-two (62) credit hours, including the following distribution of general education:

Minimum AA Degree Requirements

  1. Communications - 9 credit hours
    ALL grades in communications courses MUST be a C or better
    pdf logoEnglish Composition I - 3 credit hours
    pdf logoEnglish Composition II- 3 credit hours
    pdf logoPublic Speaking or pdf logoInterpersonal Communication- 3 credit hours

  2. Natural Science and Math - 7 credit hours
    Must include one math course and one laboratory science course
    pdf logoMA 131 or above - 3 credit hours
    Laboratory Science- 4 credit hours

  3. Social/ Behavioral Science - 9 credit hours
    Social Science- 3 credit hours
    Behavioral Science- 3 credit hours
    One additional course from either social or behavioral science - 3 credit hours

  4. Fine Arts/Humanities - 9 credit hours
    Fine Arts - 3 credit hours
    - 3 credit hours
    One additional
    course from either fine arts or humanities - 3 credit hours

  5. Physical Education - 1 credit hour
    One activity course in Physical Education or Dance
Required General Education Courses     35 credit hours
Additional courses necessary
   to complete program of study              27 credit hours
Minimum Graduation Requirement        62  credit hours
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