Add/Drop Classes

How to Enroll Via Pipeline

How To Register For Classes Using The New Self Service Banner 

Getting Started

  1. Log into pipeline@butler
  2. Select Enroll Now Link on the left
  3. Select Banner 9 Registration
  4. Review Enrollment, Financial Responsibility, and Financial Aid Acknowledgment and select "I AGREE to these terms and conditions" button

Prepare for Registration

  1. To view student status or enrollment holds that could prevent registration, select Prepare for Registration on the main menu
  2. You will be directed to sign into Self Service Banner
    • Your username is your Pipeline username
    • Your password is your Pipeline password
  3. Select the registration term (Fall, Spring, or Summer)
  4. The registration status screen will display:
    •  Student status
    • Academic status
    • Holds which will prevent registration

Register for Classes

  1. Return to the "Registration" link (top of page)
  2. Select Register for Classes icon
  3. Courses can be added in two ways:
    • Search for section(s) using the Find Classes tab - Select "Advanced Search" for additional search criteria
    • OR enter CRN's without searching using the Enter CRNs tab
      Note: The ‘Schedule Options’ tab will populate once you are registered for the term.
  4. Find Classes allows a search of more than one subject 
  5. Go to Advanced Search to search by Campus and/or Instructor
  6. The courses will display with all the options for that term
  7. To clear the search, select the green Search Again button
  8. To register for a course, select the Add button
  9. Once added, the classes will be listed as pending
  10. On the left, a tentative schedule by day and time is visible
  11. To complete registration, click ‘Submit’
  12. Registration errors will appear at the top right hand corner of the screen
  13. Courses that have no errors will be saved
  14. To remove courses with errors, select the drop down box on the course and choose Remove, then click Submit
  15. Registration is now complete.
  16. Complete the same steps to add or drop courses through the scheduled add/drop dates for each semester.

View Tuition and Fees

  1. To view term charges, select Tuition and Fees link in the bottom right panel. Questions regarding tuition and fees should be directed to Accounts Receivable.
  2. Don't forget to log out of your Pipeline Account. 

If you experience any problems or have enrollment questions, please contact Advising.