Biology Activities and Opportunities

Honors Biology

Biology majors may take Majors Biology I and II with the Honor‘s option – which includes a semester–long project. For more information, contact Dr. Alan Brown at or Susan Forrest at

Student Lab Assistant Opportunities

If you are interested, please fill out the Butler Community College application (can be obtained by Human Resources on the El Dorado and Andover campuses.) Students must also apply for Federal Financial Aid to determine if they are eligible for the Federal Work Study funding. Working as a student lab assistant is a great way to improve your lab skills and helps prepare students for a career in science teaching, medical lab sciences, biology, or biotechnology.

Water Quality Testing

The Water Quality Institute encompasses several programs, including: The Walnut River Water Festival, and Water Testing Service. The purpose of the Water Quality Institute is to provide services to the community in testing water, educate students in water conservation, and train new environmental technology personnel for the challenge of monitoring and maintaining our freshwater resources here in the Butler County area. 

Walnut River Water Festival

Each year hundreds of 4th and 5th graders from all over Butler County descend on the El Dorado campus to learn more about Water Quality. Biology professor and BEST program faculty Tonya Kerschner and the Butler County Conservation District Coordinator Sandy Koontz work with several guest instructors, including several members of Butler faculty, to put this program together each year. Students from the BEST program help lead classes at this workshop, which gives them experience working with elementary students and expands their knowledge of Water Conservation.

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues is a class designed for students who need a science elective or those interested in environmental technology as a certificate program. It is a part of the environmental technology program, but transfers as a science elective for non–majors.