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Crime Prevention

Protecting Your Property

Preventing Thefts from Vehicles:

  • Install a vehicle alarm or mechanical lock on the steering wheel or ignition.
  • Always lock doors and leave the windows rolled up.
  • Activate any auto alarms or anti-theft devices.
  • Keep books, cellular phones, purses, tablets, and other valuables out of sight. Expensive items in full view invite theft even if the vehicle is locked. Don't advertise the types of equipment you have in your vehicle. (such as product brand decals, or clearly visible stereo equipment)
  • Record the serial numbers of any vehicle equipment prior to installation (GPS, receivers, amplifiers, CB, etc.)
  • Place valuable items in your locked trunk not the front or back seats.
  • Know the license number, year, make, model and insurance company of your vehicle.
  • Do not leave money, checkbooks, or credit cards in the vehicle at any time.

Preventing Bicycle Theft:

  • Keep bicycles locked any time they are unattended with a good "U" type lock, or a good casehardened padlock and cable. Be sure the "U" lock or cable goes through the front wheel, rear wheel and the frame, and secure it to a fixed object.
  • Check the lock by pulling on it to make sure it is secure.
  • Use an engraver to place an identifying mark on unpainted major bicycle components.
  • Be sure to retain all evidence of purchase, including the serial number.
  • Be able to identify the bicycle. not only by its color, but also by its features.
  • Have one or more close up color photographs of the bicycle on hand.
  • Never loan your bicycle or other property to strangers.
  • Try to avoid parking a bicycle in a deserted or poorly lit area.

Preventing Thefts from Offices:

  • Don't become complacent. Be aware! Be attentive.
  • Don't showcase your office.
  • ALWAYS close and lock your office when it is not occupied. It only takes seconds for a thief to notice an unoccupied office, walk in and steal.
  • Lock your desk, file cabinet, locker, etc.
  • Don't leave your purse in that last or bottom drawer of your desk (thieves know it's there).