Safety in the Residence Halls | Crime Prevention | Butler Community College

Crime Prevention

Safety in the Residence Halls

  • Always lock your door; even when you’re sleeping or just going down the hall.
  • Do not allow strangers to enter your room or your complex. Do not open your door unless you can identify the person seeking entry.
  • Do not let unknown individuals “tailgate;” ask who they are visiting and offer to call the College Police Department.
  • Do not prop any exterior doors open to allow unescorted visitors into the residence hall (pizza delivery, friends, etc.).
  • Report lost or stolen residence hall keys immediately to your residence hall staff.
  •  Report any malfunctioning locks, doors or windows to your residence life staff.
  • Do not leave your keys lying around in your room when you are not in the room.
  •  Do not leave messages on your door about when you will be returning to your room.
  • Tell a roommate or friend if you are planning to be away overnight or for a few days.
  •  Report any suspicious persons or activities (including solicitors) in or near your residence hall to your residence hall staff and University Police.
  • Secure your valuables and engrave expensive items with identifying information.
  •  Always lock your doors and windows at night, especially if you reside on the first or second floors.
  •  Do not leave your identification, keys, wallets, checkbooks, or other valuables in open view.
  • Get to know your RA, residence life staff, neighbors, and public safety officers.