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English Placement Study Guides

We want you to be successful in your English courses at Butler.

If you graduated from High School within the last three years we may be able to place you, without placement testing, based on your High School GPA. A copy of your High School transcript is required. See an advisor for your options.

Placement is available in English/Writing, Reading, and English as a Second Language (ESL). If you need to take a placement test, doing a review may help you score higher and move past beginning level courses. Use the study guides below for more specific help.

ACCUPLACER Reading Sample Questions

ACCUPLACER Writing Sample Questions
Use this study guide to prepare for placement tests covering English Writing/Grammar and Reading/Comprehension.

Accuplacer's Free Study App (use the link to get the app for free)

Do you have questions about ACCUPLACER? How it works and how to prepare? Need a study app? Check out ACCUPLACER resourcesIMPORTANT: Please use this link to download the study app to avoid being asked for personal and payment information! 

Another learning resource is the Khan Academy which can be found at www.khanacademy.org.