Counseling Services

It’s healthy to get help.

The services of our licensed counselors are available free of charge to any student, faculty member or staff. Sessions are kept in the strictest confidence, and all records are maintained in secure electronic files that are never connected to your academic record. 

To varying degrees, stress tends to come with the territory when you go to college. Some of it can come from the workload, some from financial pressures and some from the challenges of relationships in your private life. An important part of getting through the process is taking time to take care of your mental health. You may find that taking advantage of our counseling services can go a long way toward giving you a fresh and healthier perspective.

Counseling services is offering “Let’s talk” virtual drop-in for Butler students.

We will explore wellness and mental health topics in a supportive space. Sessions will start out with a mindfulness exercise and then supportive discussion will follow.  Share experiences, gain connection and community.

  • Any student can join, just sign in.
  • Every Monday at 4:00pm until the end of semester
  • Call Nancy Hamm at 322-3162 for Zoom link