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About Culinary Arts

Spice Up Your Life ….. and Theirs

Discover how to prepare diverse ethnic and cultural dishes in a supportive, professional kitchen at Butler Community College’s Wichita campus. Become a “food alchemist” as you develop your palate and learn to add the proper amounts of sage, rosemary and thyme. Find out how a pinch of Himalayan salt, coriander or fragrant lavender can empower a dish and how to anticipate the proper elasticity of dough. You become the artist as you dip your wooden spoon into the batter and understand the value of presentation and taste.

With small class sizes and the guidance of seasoned chefs, you learn how to not only make edible art that tastes fantastic, but you gain skills in menu planning, a variety of cooking methods and nutrition. You also develop a strong command of up-to-date safety regulations and learn food service operations. This program also teaches you how to order food, budget expenses and run an industrial kitchen or a restaurant, your own or someone else’s. Start at Butler and go anywhere.

Throughout the year, organizations and businesses reach out to our region’s top culinary program for catering events. Obtain your nine-month certificate or your associate degree and become industry-ready.

Butler’s Hospitality and Culinary Arts offers a world of opportunities!