Transfer Agreements | Butler Community College

Transfer Agreements

Butler has agreements with numerous colleges and universities in and outside of the state. Agreements are listed alphabetically by school. 

-American Public University

Marketing Transfer Guide

Eligible Butler graduates will be granted junior status at APU and the degrees transfer as a block.

-Arizona State University

Students can successfully plan their transfer to ASU from Butler Community College through MyPath2ASU. Students are ensured a simple, seamless transition into one of the nation’s top 10 universities for undergraduate education — all while saving time and money, and minimizing the loss of credit during their transfer journey. Using the MyPath2ASU tool, students eliminate the guesswork out of transferring by enabling students to create their own pathway to ASU. By selecting an ASU major, MyPath2ASU and Butler Community College will outline a list of courses for students to take at their current institution that apply toward their ASU bachelor’s degree. Some of the MyPath2ASU transfer experience benefits include: 

  • Visit MyPath2ASU, select Butler Community College as current institution
  • Select your major and see the list of Butler classes accepted to ASU
  • Guaranteed general admission to ASU and admission into MyPath2ASU major choice if all requirements are satisfied.* Some majors have additional or higher admission requirements
  • Self-service, degree progress tracking through My Transfer Guide to minimize loss of credit

-Ashford University

Butler graduates with an associate degree and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher are accepted as fulfilling all general education and competency requirements of an AU bachelor degree program when one of the following conditions are satisfied.

  • Student meets the number of hours of the general education requirements for Bachelor of Art degrees offered through state universities in Kansas
  • Transfer credits have been evaluated and deemed acceptable by Ashford Registrar's Office 

-Baker University College of Arts and Sciences

Transfer students whose cumulative GPA is 2.6 or higher automatically qualify for an academic scholarship. Baker guarantees the acceptance of all Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree program credits with course grades of a C or higher and a CRN of 100 or higher. Community college coursework completes all Baker Quest (general education) requirements except for:

  • Transfer Salon II (3 credit hours)
  • Global Culture and Community (3 credit hours)
  • Global Citizenship (3 credit hours)
  • Summit Salon (1 credit hour)

-Bethel College

Transfer Agreement

Bethel assures the acceptance of any Butler Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree for junior standing in a Baccalaureate program with the following provisions:

  • Successfully completing the Bethel College Competencies (writing, oral, mathematics) and general education distribution requirements in arts and humanities, sciences and mathematics and social sciences.

-Emporia State University

Butler/Emporia Students to Teachers (BEST) Program

The BEST Program candidate is able to complete two years of general education coursework at a Butler campus. Additionally, the candidate will be able to complete the required ESU education coursework taught by ESU faculty at the Butler of El Dorado campus.

-Fort Hays State University

General Education Transfer Guide

Developed to facilitate the transition of students with an associate degree to Fort Hays State University, students may still be required to take freshman or sophomore courses to meet degree or graduation requirements. Students with an associate degree who have not met the requirements may complete the Articulation Agreement at FHSU or fulfill the FHSU General Education program.

-Friends University

Educate the state


Butler is proud to be part of Educate the State, a joint public-private partnership designed to make a secondary education degree more affordable and seamless for Kansas students. K-12 teachers are in high demand. This partnership allows you to save thousands of dollars in tuition while pursuing a teaching degree, earning teaching licenses and impacting the lives of Kansans.

Butler secondary education graduates can transfer directly to one of three private Kansas colleges while keeping all credits earned and paying a discounted rate of $300 per credit hour at the university level.


  • Graduate from Butler as a Secondary Education major and maintain this major upon transfer.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Transfer as a fulltime student to Friends University, Newman University or Southwestern College based on your subject matter concentration area
  • Transfer as a full-time student (12+ credit hours per semester).


-Kansas State University College of Arts and Sciences

K-State 2+2 History and Interdisciplinary Social Science

This joint two-plus-two distance education program enables students to meet the requirements for the Associate Degree in History at Butler and the Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science at K-State.

-Kansas State University General Business

K-State 2+2 Accounting and General Business

This joint two-plus-two distance education program enables students to meet the requirements for the Associate in Science/Associate in Arts in Business degree at Butler and the Bachelor of Science degree in General Business at K-State.

-Kansas Wesleyan University

Community college students must graduate from an accredited Kansas community college with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree
Students must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours of general education with distribution in the following fields: 

  • 12 hours of basic skills courses (6 hours of English composition, 3 hours of speech communication, 3 hours of college-level math)
  • 12 hours of Humanities courses from at least three of the following disciplines: art, theater, philosophy, music, history, literature (performance courses are excluded)
  • 12 hours of Social and Behavioral Science courses from at least three of the following disciplines: sociology, psychology, political science, economics, geography, anthropology
  • 9 hours of Natural and Physical Science courses from at least two disciplines (lecture with a lab)

Because KWU retains its right to determine the requirements of a Baccalaureate degree, additional courses not in the transfer agreement may be required.

Foreign language requirements are viewed as graduation requirements and not as general education requirements for the purpose of this agreement.

-National American University

Management and Information Technology Transfer Guide

Butler associate degree graduates into the Bachelor of Science in Management and the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programs

The Management program is designed for individuals with degrees, diplomas or certificates in specialty areas such as merchandising, dental hygiene, electronics, medical assisting, drafting, welding or other vocational areas.

The Information Technology program is designed for individuals with degrees, diplomas, certificates or certifications in specialty areas such as information technology, computer science, programming, networks, computer-aided design and database and other related areas.

A minimum of 27 credit hours in one specialty area is required to complete a program.

-Newman University

Dual Admissions Program

Newman University assures the acceptance of any Butler Associate of Arts or Associate of Science graduate as a Baccalaureate degree-seeking student with junior standing. The purpose of the Dual Admissions Program is to provide a seamless transition for students. Students must complete the following process in order to receive consideration for admission:

  • Complete the Newman University Dual Admission Program Application
  • Complete the Application for Admission
  • Sign the Statement of Intent to Enroll Form

-Northwest Missouri State University

Business Management Transfer Agreement

This agreement provides students with an Associate of Science in Business Administration/Accounting the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Management at NMSU. 

Any Butler student who has earned an Associate of Science in Business Administration/Accounting is guaranteed that Northwest will accept designated freshman and sophomore business administration credit hours as designated in this agreement, general education credits required for the AS degree, plus any freshman and sophomore general education hours required by Northwest beyond the AS degree. Northwest will apply such to the Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree in a manner consistent with the treatment of native students.

-Ottawa University

Effective from the Ottawa term beginning October 1, 2021, Ottawa will offer a reduction in tuition to any Butler CC associate degree graduate who transfers to complete a baccalaureate degree program at Ottawa University. Ask about Ottawa's Transfer Advantage for Butler students.

-Southwestern College Professional Studies

All coursework presented by students who have earned an associate degree from Butler will transfer to Southwestern with the exception of varsity athletics or courses identified by the first institution as developmental/remedial. 

A maximum of 64 hours earned at two-year colleges will apply to the bachelor degree. Students transferring with an associate degree will not be required to take any further general education coursework if they have already completed English Composition I and II as well as a college level math course (preferable College Algebra). Students will only be required to complete coursework in their chosen major plus any additional coursework needed to total 60 hours of upper division coursework. Students must have a minimum of 124 credit hours to graduate from SCPS.

-Sterling College

Guaranteed Admission Advantage

The Guaranteed Admission Advantage agreement provides special benefits for students who earn an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

-University of Kansas School of Nursing

Learn about Butler's agreement with KU School of Nursing here

-University of Phoenix

Transfer Guidelines

University of Phoenix will provide a five percent tuition reduction and a 100 percent PLA fee reduction to new students entering a bachelor degree program at University of Phoenix who obtain an associate degree from Butler. 

Community College Pathfinders Scholarship

-Wichita State University School of Education

The program candidate is able to complete two years of general education coursework at a Butler campus. In addition, the candidate will be able to complete a significant number of the required WSU core education coursework taught by WSU faculty.

Program Eligibility:

  • Program candidates must meet all WSU teacher education program admission requirements
  • Candidates must be completing or have completed an AA or AS degree equivalent coursework
  • Candidates can enroll in the WSU Core I courses that are available even if they have not previously taken any coursework at Butler
  • The program is designed for individuals who are able to enroll in WSU on a full-time basis

Enrollment is not limited to full-time students, however the program sequence is designed for students enrolled full-time.